Getting Schengen Visa From Kolkata

Getting Schengen Visa From Kolkata (16)

Visiting Europe has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are planning to visit a Schengen country then the best part is that with a single visa you can visit all the Schengen countries. By Schengen countries don’t mix it up with the European Union as there as some countries like Switzerland which is a part of the Schengen agreement but not a part of European Union whereas Ireland is part of European Union but not a part od Schengen agreement. When I planned to travel to Europe that is to Italy along with my family I had to get a Schengen Visa for all.

My trip was a bit complicated as my wife was traveling to attend a conference so she had an official invitation thus things were easy for her but for me and our eight-year-old daughter we had to apply as tourists but show my wife traveling with us. All these complexities made me research tons of documents to ensure that our Visa does get approved since we had already booked flights, hotels and other local transportations within Italy.

The final result was that we all had managed to secure a Schengen Visa well within the deadline and had a wonderful trip of a lifetime. Many of my friends were surprised as to how easily we managed to get the visa but in reality, it all boils down to proper documentation and a solid travel itinerary.

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Biography of a Riot

Biography of a Riot

As the wedding guests were being served the Chutney and Papad there were whispers flowing all around. Some wanted to finish early and head home while some formed groups discussing the current political situation. The date was 6th of December 1992 and a nationwide bandh (Strike) was just announced by most of the political parties in the country. Being a twelve year old for me it was a bonus dropping from the sky the bandh would mean that Monday would be a holiday and no school. For my mother, she was more worried that the bandh would push the exam dates behind and my father was rushing to the neighbourhood shop for stocking up on bread and eggs from the next day.

The wedding party ended a bit early as most of the guests wanted to leave early and stock up. During the 90’s a bandh would for sure bring any city to a grinding halt and it was always wiser to be prepared than to be surprised. In the meantime, I was already planning how we could enjoy the bonus day off with my friends in the locality.

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Nu Cascade – Chinese Food Redefined

Nu Cascade – Chinese Food Redefined (18)

Uncle Beeren or some prefer to call him Beeren Sadhu (Hermit) was actually not related to our family but had been a co-worker of my father thus had been a frequent visitor to our house. His appearance was somewhat like a cartoon character with a height of around five feet and a very thin and frail body structure. Strings of loose beard floated below his chin and paired with a smile made his face look real funny. Being from a rural village in south Bengal he had very less knowledge about the outside world and his every trip to the city was a big eye opener for him.

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A Boy Named Shiba

A Boy Named Shiba (1)

It was a trip of a lifetime travelling across Kenya meeting people from different parts of the world who had come to Nairobi to attend the World Social Forum things were going just perfect and to top it all I managed to take a short trip to Masai Mara to visit perhaps the best natural way to see wildlife in Africa.

Back in 2007 when this incident took place Internet had very little penetration in Kenya and smartphones were not that common thus all the research were primarily done prior to my visit. To make things cheap I had booked the cheapest option available and packed with some dry foods so as to cut cost to the max while traveling. The trip was nearing its end and on the last day as I was packing things up I realized that it was quite a few days since I had a good full meal and was eager to reach home for that plate of rice and fish.

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