Manora Fort


If you are travelling to Thanjavur or Tanjore then there are few places you must visit and one of them is Manora. It’s around 65 – 75 kilometres from Thanjavur town and the best transportation option would be to hire a car. Instead of hiring the car for a full day you can book it for a point to point service which would be much cheaper.

The journey from Thanjavur town to Manora is a very smooth one as a considerable part of the journey is over newly constructed four lane highway, rest of the roads are also newly laid making it quite a smooth and comfortable journey.

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Mandarmani Travel Guide

Mandarmani (1)

This is the only beach in the country which has the potential to become a truly international go-to beach destination just like Goa and Kovalam. People from Kolkata have been a regular visitor to the bay side in places like Digha and Puri but this is now the go-to place for a quick weekend break. Mandarmani is a new considerable new baby in the beach scenes in India and it’s quite unique also.

I have heard many people compare Mandarmani with Daytona Beach since just like Daytona you can drive the car on the beach when the tides are right. If developed more than what it is today it will be one the most beautiful bayside locations in India.

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