Tea Trolling at First Flush


Well, I am lucky yet unlucky to have our president of the country share the same surname as mine. When I travel abroad some even ask me if we are related after hearing my name. To make things official “no” we are not related, in that logic even Hemanta Mukherjee would have been in my relation.

Now you might ask why our presidents name get mentioned in the very first paragraph of my blog, well to come to the point this blog would not have happened if his excellency Sri. Pranab Mukherjee would not have landed in Kolkata and happen to take the same route that I was supposed to take en route to meet a friend in Golpark near Gariahat, Kolkata.

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Places To Eat In Pondicherry


Pondicherry and food have a long history when it comes to the Indian Vagabond I mean me myself. Wondering what nonsense I am talking about? Well to truly understand this let us rewind a couple of years approximately 28 years. I was around 7 and somehow remember this incident as it happened.

We had gone to Bangalore during our vacation and it was just before we actually shifted there and during our vacation, we made a detour to Pondicherry where a good friend of my father Mr. Augustine Brutus lived. Pondicherry was more French than what I had seen recently, not influenced by the steady influx of tourists this place was a real little French town.

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