Chocolate Memoir with Fabelle

Chocolate Memoir with Fabelle

There he comes, I could hear the car stop, I could hear the footsteps climbing up the stairs towards the door, it’s just a matter of time and the calling bell will ring the door will open I will shake his hands and finally I will get those big bars of chocolates.

The year was 1988 and my father had taken up a new job in Bangalore and our entire family had shifted from Calcutta leaving behind friends, cousins, and school. Bangalore was not Bengaluru that we see now in 2016, it was a town fit for a retired couple who would like to settle somewhere quite with a beautiful weather and a slow life. Our house was located at Charles Campbell Road near to Bangalore East station and this part of the town was like in a permanent hangover. Old one-storied houses with a garden in front, pet dogs, evening walks and late risers things were like always moving in a slow motion.

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Park Street Gastronomical Christmas

Park Street Gastronomical Christmas (33)

If you are in Kolkata during the festive season of Christmas then Park Street is the place to be. Park street was always the nerve centre of Christmas and New Year related activities but for the last couple of years this street is getting completely decked up and bringing an absolutely transformation. For the last couple of years Kolkata Christmas Festival is celebrated at Park Street and it includes food fest, live DJ, cultural programmes, giant Christmas Tree etc.

Since I am pretty busy during this season with my own set of home and locality decorations thus it’s not possible for me to attend all the programmes in spite of my office being at Park Street. However I make it a point to visit it with my family right after Christmas and just before the onset of New Year.

For my daughter her main attraction is obviously the cotton candy and popcorn, my wife obviously loves to see the overall atmosphere and for me my main intention is to photograph the entire show and it specially includes the food stall set up by families with some delicious tasty treats.

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