Gandikota Fort

Gandikota Fort

Gandikota which is most famous for its Grand Canyon-like gorge has also another important tourist attraction which is the Gandikota Fort. The ruins of the fort and its structures lie right next to the gorge, in fact, the fort was purposely built in this location so that the gorge acts as a natural defense on one side. The different remaining structures inside the fort complex is spread out and if you want to see them properly then can take nearly half a day thus prepare and plan accordingly. Gandikota fort forms a part of the tourist circle which comprises of Belum CavesGandikota Gorge – Gandikota Fort – Gooty Fort.

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The Lost Kingdom of Navratangarh


No idea is simple when you need to plant it in somebody else’s mind. This line from the movie Inception sums it all up for what I am going to write. Well unlike the movie this was not planted in my dreams but came to me while I was wide awake and eating breakfast.

It was 16th of December 2014 and I was invited along with my family for a breakfast at my in-law’s neighbour’s house. I was served bread toast with butter as this was favourite breakfast menu. The breads were crisp and brown with a thick layer of molten butter on top. I was busy enjoying the bites when I realized that the bread crumbs were falling on the carpet below so I decided to spread out the morning newspaper around the plate.

On the second bite when I looked down to keep down the bread and grab some tea I saw a news clip that was just laid in front of me. I stopped eating and immediately picked up the newspaper to read the content. It was a Hindi news daily called Prabhat Khabar and this article was just in front of my face like a read beacon. Hindi was my second language so I could manage to read the entire content though a bit slowly and I was already roaming around this magical mystical place just like the movie Inception. I took my mobile phone and clicked some snaps of the news article so that I can re-read it in details later.

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