Lion Dancers of Kolkata

Every Chinese New Year the city of Kolkata gears up to an extravaganza which can hardly be described with words and can only be witnessed by seeing with your own eyes. This city is lucky to have a good number of Chinese families who call City of Joy their home. Most of us are aware … Continue reading Lion Dancers of Kolkata

Hooghly Imambara

Continuing with my Chinsurah series today I will take you to the famous Hooghly Imambara. So it’s not only the Dutch Christian Cemeteries but this Islamic institution is also a famous landmark in the town and a must visit destination. As mentioned earlier, I have been to this part of the town several times since … Continue reading Hooghly Imambara

Shibram Chakraborty’s Mess House in Kolkata

While the West had stand-up comedians for a long time it was different in this country and especially in this city of Kolkata. It was the authors and poets who would insert pun and twists into their imaginations and create a subtle sense of humour. There were many but it was Shibram Chakraborty who stood … Continue reading Shibram Chakraborty’s Mess House in Kolkata

Fanush – Paper Hot Air Balloons from India

Kolkata is a city of various faces and the same applies to sky lanterns or hot air balloons also, traditionally these were quite popular during the twentieth century but faded as time passed by. Out here these are known as Fanush or Phanush and has more emphasis on the design and the creativity than lighting up the night sky.

Rather Mela

My earliest memory of Rather Mela was a Parrot that my father got me, though it did not survive long but I still remember its face vividly. That was probably the first and last bird that we ever purchased, we usually stuck to the colourful aquarium fishes. One year my father got me a study … Continue reading Rather Mela