The Story of a Train Journey

The Story of a Train Journey

Working in the book industry for nearly twelve years I have had the opportunity to come across several scripts, plots, yet to be published books and of course e-Books. You may call me an old school but I do not like to read e-books much, somehow I love to feel the edges of a paper quietly folding from one to another.

And now I have to read this e-Book? I grumbled to myself but luckily I was scheduled for a real long train ride to be precise thirty hours. With nothing much to do, I settled to read โ€œThe Story of a Suicideโ€ by Sriram Aiyer. Reading on a moving train had its own challenge firstly I hoped to have a power outlet to charge up my laptop and secondly I had to depend on my net connection to give me brief roaming connectivity during stoppages at train stations.

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Chocolate Memoir with Fabelle

Chocolate Memoir with Fabelle

There he comes, I could hear the car stop, I could hear the footsteps climbing up the stairs towards the door, itโ€™s just a matter of time and the calling bell will ring the door will open I will shake his hands and finally I will get those big bars of chocolates.

The year was 1988 and my father had taken up a new job in Bangalore and our entire family had shifted from Calcutta leaving behind friends, cousins, and school. Bangalore was not Bengaluru that we see now in 2016, it was a town fit for a retired couple who would like to settle somewhere quite with a beautiful weather and a slow life. Our house was located at Charles Campbell Road near to Bangalore East station and this part of the town was like in a permanent hangover. Old one-storied houses with a garden in front, pet dogs, evening walks and late risers things were like always moving in a slow motion.

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Lion Dancers of Kolkata


Every Chinese New Year the city of Kolkata gears up to an extravaganza which can hardly be described with words and can only be witnessed by seeing with your own eyes. This city is lucky to have a good number of Chinese families who call City of Joy their home. Most of us are aware of the many Chinese restaurants, shoe shops, beauty parlour or dry cleaning shops that dot the city streets are managed and run by the Indian Chinese community.

During Chinese New Year the streets around Tangra (New Chinatown) and Tiretti Bazar (Old Chinatown) start resonating to the sounds of drums and the footsteps of the Lion Dancers. Managed by different groups they roam from house to house performing the famous lion dance. Each house hangs a bunch of lettuce leaves at a height which the lions must grab and throw back at the occupants of the house as blessings. The lions in return receive red envelopes with money known as Hong Bao.

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Hangseshwari Temple

Hangseshwari Temple (1)

This blog is part of my Chinsurah Series and today I would be telling you some new and fascinating facts about the Hangseshwari Temple. If you search online you will get only a basic knowledge about this temple and when I was about to write about this temple I found it quite challenging to get details from different sources. Finally after going through several books and other documents managed to stitch together a fascinating story.

Hangseshwari Temple is situated in Bansberia in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, as mentioned earlier in my previous blogs that I have visited Bansberia several times since my relatives stay there and surprisingly never visited this temple. I had visited this temple as a part of a day trip to this wonderful town where there is history in every corner.

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Reversing Wardrobe Malfunction

Reversing Wardrobe Malfunction (1)

I had finally decided to completely change my wardrobe this summer. Somehow I was not linking the ready-made shirts and pants that were stacked in my wardrobe all these years. Hearing the word shopping my wife also could not resist herself from joining me. We decided to try out South City Mall since honestly speaking I had never shopped here even though itโ€™s quite near to my house. Somehow I never felt comfortable in big malls as I often felt that the basic human interaction of the store employees was restricted to a Standard Operating Procedure and often fail to understand the fashion choice of an individual.

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Guide to Church Guide

Bandel Church (1)

Continuing with my Chinsurah series, this time, I will take you the famous Bandel Church. This is a must stop if you are on a day visit to Chinsurah, this famous church dates back centuries and is one of the most important landmarks in the town. Probably this is the only church that I have seen with my own eyes where non-Christians visit more than Christians. People flock to this church in lakhs every year seeking blessings and sometimes to give thanks for the blessings received.

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