Netarhat Travel Guide

Netarhat Travel Guide

I was travelling to Netarhat after visiting Betla Forest, Betla Fort and Kechki. I have already written blogs about Betla and Kechki so this blog would cover the trip from Betla towards Netarhat. If you are travelling to this part of Jharkhand then people usually do these two places together since these form a part of tourist triangle along with Ranchi.

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A Tryst with Ray’s Palamu

A Tryst with Rays Palamu (1)

My first taste of Satyajit Ray’s cinema started at the age of ten when we used to stay in Bangalore. Those were the days of VHS video cassettes and my father showed us the Apu Trilogy. Honestly speaking then I never did really understand the exact meaning of a Ray Classic. In fact, then Satyajit Ray was still alive and yet to receive the Oscar for his lifetime contribution.

It was 23rd of April 1992 we were celebrating my sister’s birthday in Bangalore, this day also happened to be our last day in Bangalore as my father had decided to move back to Kolkata. There were many guests in the party and after every one had left my father turned on the television to watch the news at nine on Doordarshan. It was then we came to know that Satyajit Ray was no more.

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Close Encounter with a Maharaja

Close Encounter with a Maharaja (1)

It was Dasami (Dussera) and we had just reached Chaibasa a day before. 2015 Durga Puja vacation I had no plans but managed to go for a surprise vacation to Ranchi. From Ranchi we had a driven to Chaibasa to meet my grand mother in law. Chaibasa is in the southern tip of the state of Jharkhand and just an hour’s drive from Tatanagar (Jamshedpur). With nothing much to do at Chaibasa I managed to conspire a quick visit to the Kingdom of Saraikela which lies some 45 minutes’ drive from Chaibasa. And in this plan I influenced my father in law to come along, of course my wife and daughter joined me by default.

In fact, it was my father in law in the first place who had mentioned about Saraikela which he used to visit when he was in school. He used to keep telling me that there was a king’s palace and the king of Saraikela still lived there. This was the perfect time for me to visit since my father in law himself would be there with me.

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Ranchi to Hirni Falls to Chaibasa Road Trip

Ranchi to Hirni Falls to Chaibasa Road Trip - 1

When it comes to visiting the In Law’s most husbands are always petrified but over the years I have started looking at the positive side of it. First of all I am lucky enough that my wife is from a state which has a real vast natural resources and equally large tourist attractions. Jharkhand is a landmark when come to tourist spots and since this is relatively a new state most of them are not that very well know and very less frequented by travellers. Road trips are my favourite and when an opportunity comes to go for a really long drive I am always in.

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Red Ant Chutney Adventure

Red Ant Chutney Adventure

If you are from India then you are no stranger to Chutneys and Pickles but India being a diverse country the types or varieties of chutneys and pickles can also be mind boggling. My in laws are from the state of Jharkhand thus right after my marriage I kept hearing about chutneys being prepared with Red Ants. Myself being a Bengali I have obviously tasted fish pickle, meat pickle and of course the varieties of vegetable and fruit pickles/chutney but red ants are something which is out of my comfort zone.

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Pithoria Fort – A Promise and a Curse

Pithoria Fort - A Promise and a Curse

It was time to say goodbye, the train was about to leave, I had gone to Howrah station to drop my wife and daughter as they were going to Ranchi to my in law’s place for the Durga Puja vacation, unlike any other year we always travelled together for a vacation but this year it was scrapped. My daughter would just not let go off my hand and I could feel the tear drops rolling down her eyes and drop one by one on my feet. She just wouldn’t stop sobbing and kept begging me to come. Just to cheer her up I told her not to worry as I would take the next train to Ranchi as I did not get a train ticket in this one.  She stopped crying and held my hand; then she asked me to promise that I would be coming in the next train. I had to say yes as the train was about to leave but she kept reminding me that I had promised to be with her when she opens her eye the next morning from sleep.

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