Putul Bari – The Case of the Missing Ghost

Putul Bari – The Case of the Missing Ghost

Who does not wish to see a ghost? Well at least everyone want to but very few are lucky rather I should say unlucky to see them. Personally till date I have not seen these creatures and don’t really require to see them actually. After all I am human being thus I do have curiosity and this curiosity sometimes kills.

While on a tour to Kumortuli I was invited to join my photo walk buddies to a casual tour of Putul Bari (Doll House) after our Kumortuli walk. The curious animal that I am could not refuse this offer to meet the famous house of ghosts in Kolkata.

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Kumortuli – Where Man Creates God

Kumortuli – Where Man Creates God

Ever since I had developed an interest in photography I have heard seniors talking about Kumortuli Photo Walk, initially there were very few who ventured out to the lanes and by lanes of Kumortuli but recently this has become the place for photographers to test their skills.

Not knowing what to expect I simply avoided going to Kumortuli and honestly never found a right set of likeminded friends who would come along for a photo walk here.

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