Phuentsholing Day Trip


In my previous blogs I have already told you about the two-day tours Jhalong -> Bindu -> Murti and Samsing -> Suntalekhola that you can visit on your vacation to Dooars and today I am going to tell you about another day tour that you should never miss during your Dooars tour of West Bengal.

I am sure every traveller would love to visit a new country and due to its strategic position West Bengal has international boundaries with three countries (Nepal, Bangladesh & Bhutan). Indians do not require a passport to travel to Bhutan and with a distance of just around 115 KM, it makes the best day trip that you can take from Dooars and that too to an international destination.

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Jhalong Bindu Murti

Jhalong Bindu Murti

If you are visiting Dooars then you have many places to see which includes day trips to the hills as well as complete residential experience inside a forest. One of the most common day trips would be:-

Jhalong –> Bindu –> Murti

The first time that I had visited Dooars was in the year 2011 along with my family. That time my daughter was around one and a half years old thus I needed to plan my tour accordingly so that she can be rested as well as fed from time to time.

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