Protestant Cemetery in Rome

Rome Protestant Cemetery (40)

I am addicted to cemeteries and even if I am traveling abroad I make sure to visit one. On my last Italy tour, I purposely left a day for myself where I would visit a local cemetery. I somehow feel that a cemetery has lots of stories hidden in it waiting to be told. With so many people being buried out there I am sure there would be someone very significant.

It was the last day of the trip along with my wife and daughter, we had a wonderful trip traveling all around Italy and on the final day, it was a complete “Me” day. Both my wife as well as my daughter are aware of my love for heritage thus when I told them that I would be visiting a cemetery on the last day they were not much surprised. They were sure that there will be a final twist which they have all become accustomed to.

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A Very Kolkata Palm Sunday – A journey with photography into Palm Sunday and Confirmation service

Confirmation ceremony - Bishop anointing the youth with Holy Water

Palm Sunday is celebrated the Sunday before Easter. It also marks the start of the Holy Week which consists of Good Friday and finally ends with Easter celebrations. Palm Sunday to me from very childhood symbolises the making of crucifix using palm leaves which we make by hand a day before and decorate the church with it.

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