Road Trip to Destiny

Road Trip to Destiny

I am sure many of you who have watched the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara have had the thought of going on a long road trip once in your lifetime. Fortunately for me, I have had that experience a long time back, to be precise 15 years back (2003) much before the movie popularized the concept of a road trip. Back then this was just another long drive and it is only now that I realize that it was actually a landmark in my traveling life.

It all started right after I finished my last examination in college where I was completing my Batchelor’s degree. There was a gap between the last examination which I still remember were Economics and the result date. I still hadn’t figured out what to do after graduation thus was completely relaxed.

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Unforgettable Train Journeys

Unforgettable Train Journeys

Let me confess beforehand that this blog is inspired by a blog by another fellow blogger Amitabha who is a good friend of mine and a mentor to me when it comes to blogging. Some time back he had written a blog about Unforgettable Train Journeys and from that very moment I started recollecting the various train adventures that I had.

Most of the journeys in my life have been done on train thus there is bound to be some adventures, I have listed down three of the very memorable journeys. Now when I write about them I pause to think twice if I was in my right frame of my mind to take it in the first place.

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