Chocolate Memoir with Fabelle

Chocolate Memoir with Fabelle

There he comes, I could hear the car stop, I could hear the footsteps climbing up the stairs towards the door, it’s just a matter of time and the calling bell will ring the door will open I will shake his hands and finally I will get those big bars of chocolates.

The year was 1988 and my father had taken up a new job in Bangalore and our entire family had shifted from Calcutta leaving behind friends, cousins, and school. Bangalore was not Bengaluru that we see now in 2016, it was a town fit for a retired couple who would like to settle somewhere quite with a beautiful weather and a slow life. Our house was located at Charles Campbell Road near to Bangalore East station and this part of the town was like in a permanent hangover. Old one-storied houses with a garden in front, pet dogs, evening walks and late risers things were like always moving in a slow motion.

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