Putul Bari – The Case of the Missing Ghost

Putul Bari – The Case of the Missing Ghost

Who does not wish to see a ghost? Well at least everyone want to but very few are lucky rather I should say unlucky to see them. Personally till date I have not seen these creatures and don’t really require to see them actually. After all I am human being thus I do have curiosity and this curiosity sometimes kills.

While on a tour to Kumortuli I was invited to join my photo walk buddies to a casual tour of Putul Bari (Doll House) after our Kumortuli walk. The curious animal that I am could not refuse this offer to meet the famous house of ghosts in Kolkata.

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Kumortuli – Where Man Creates God

Kumortuli – Where Man Creates God

Ever since I had developed an interest in photography I have heard seniors talking about Kumortuli Photo Walk, initially there were very few who ventured out to the lanes and by lanes of Kumortuli but recently this has become the place for photographers to test their skills.

Not knowing what to expect I simply avoided going to Kumortuli and honestly never found a right set of likeminded friends who would come along for a photo walk here.

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Opium War – Leather Boots – Calcutta’s Chinatown

Opium War & Leather Boots – Calcutta’s China Town

Chapter 1 – Chinatown Match Box Mystery

1925, Calcutta, somewhere in China Town renowned for its leather boots and wood works the shops often hid the real business that went on beyond its façade, it’s actually opium that ruled this part of the city. Smuggled from China these opium entered the streets of Calcutta through the narrow lanes of old China Town.

My great grandfather Mr John Solomon was a Daroga (Inspector) in the Excise Department which was at that time an integral part of the British India Calcutta Police. The British Government wanted to stop the infiltration of illegal opium in to the country as it was seriously hurting the revenue whereas the Chinese Opium traders were using the wealth of the rising upper middle class Bengalis or the Babus who often got lured into opium addiction.

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Essential Travel Clothing

Essential Travel Clothing

After my last blog about my backpacking essentials many bloggers requested me to write something about travel clothing so here is what I take along during my solo adventures.

I like to travel light and also to travel smart, this means that I plan according to the climate of my destination and also the climatic zone that I will pass through during my transit. This list is not a full proof one and I would say that it would be absolutely personal choice at the end. What works for me may not work for you but I hope to just give you an overview so that it can help you in your next trip.

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Night at Betla National Park

Betla – One Night at the Forest

Betla National Park – 1986

Since I was quite small and cannot recollect all thus the key information have been provided by my parents.

The year 1986, the place Betla, my father in those days used to go around different places across Easter India in a Mahindra Willys Jeep with the canvas covering. All of a sudden my father and a group of close friends of planned to visit Betla forest driving all the way from Kolkata.

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Palamu Fort – A Close Encounter with a Tiger

Palamu Fort - A Close Encounter with a Tiger

Some parts of this blog was already mentioned in my earlier blog about my Betla – Netarhat trip but I have decided to write a separate blog about Palamu or Betla forts since its importance is often not recognized in the history of that particular region. But the main reason for me to write this blog separately would be to tell you a fascinating story of our encounter with a tiger. Do read the whole blog then you would actually feel wehat we felt exactly.

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