Places TO Visit In Fatehpur Sikri

Having travelled across Rajasthan (Jaipur à Ajmer – Pushkar à Jaisalmer à Jodhpur) I had finally reached Agra for a brief stopover before heading home finally. I have already told you about some of the tourist locations that you can travel across Agra including the famous Taj Mahal so this is the final blog in … Continue reading Places TO Visit In Fatehpur Sikri

Places To Visit In Agra

Moving on from my great tour of Rajasthan which covered Jaipur -> Ajmer – Pushkar -> Jaisalmer -> Jodhpur I had decided not to return directly to Kolkata by train as the train journey would have been too long and considering my toddler daughter it would have been a nightmare. I had planned a short stop over at … Continue reading Places To Visit In Agra