World Famous Entally Sausages

World Famous Entally Sausages (1)

One of my relative who once went to London for some work came back to inform me that he had seen a meat shop in London with a caption “Entally Sausages Available Here”. When it comes to food we often only consider Rosogolla or other sweet desserts as our true heritage food from Kolkata but if you look deep this city has much more than Rosogollas. With the confluence of cultures way back from the British to the late internal immigrants this city has slowly become a natural mixed bag when it comes to food. The city’s unique ability to adapt with the changes make Kolkata a truly remarkable place to live and eat.

Today I am going to tell you a story of a good old English Sausage which the city has adopted and made some special changes giving it a much personalized taste. I am talking about Entally Sausages, as the name suggest these started being made particularly in the Entally Market region, however at present its much widely available and there are several shops across the city but all of them owe their due diligence to Entally Market for teaching them the tips and tricks.

World Famous Entally Sausages (2)
Map to Entally Market in Kolkata

Sausages are mostly a meat product and come with various combinations. These can be Chicken, Mutton, Beef, mixed meat or sometimes even with Soya Bean and Tofu. There is also the Blood Sausage but will talk about them later.  The English love their sausages and obviously they brought the knowledge to this city when they ruled much of the country.

Somehow the pure English Sausages were bland in taste for the native Indians as they were mostly seasoned with black pepper and other milder spices. It is then that some came up with the brilliant idea of modifying the basic formula and add some Indian Spice twist. Without delaying any further let me tell you how the world famous Entally Sausages are made.

Once you reach the market you have the option to buy either readymade sausages or make them as per your customization. I would always recommend them to be made as per customization then we can be absolutely sure of the taste and that of the freshness.

World Famous Entally Sausages (3)
Pork Shop in Entally Market

First you need to but the meat, in this case its pork. Choose the best suitable piece and buy it according to its weight, make sure to have a right balance between the meat and the fat. I prefer a 70 – 30 ratio, with 70% meat and 30% fat. Fats are an integral part of the sausage sine its cooks itself in its own oil mostly.

The meat is then minced using an electric mincer and the fats are diced into small bits which are then added to the minced meat.

World Famous Entally Sausages (4)
Mincing Of the Meat
World Famous Entally Sausages (5)
The Minced Meat
World Famous Entally Sausages (6)
Diced Fat

Next the master sausage maker  adds some finely chopped Onion are added to the mixed minced meat and one needs to keep pestering him to add more of chopped onion as this really enhance the taste.

World Famous Entally Sausages (7)
Chopped Onions

Then the real tricks takes place, he then ads Salt & Garam Masala to the minced meat and mixes them thoroughly. He then adds Red Chilli Powder to the mix and the quantity depends on our choice. Personally I prefer less of red chilli powder and add more of diced Green Chilli as the flavour with green chillies taste much better.

World Famous Entally Sausages (8)
Garam Masala, Salt & Chilli Powder Added To the Mix

Next come another important part when the sausage maker adds a combination of Coriander, Mint & Celery Leaf. Usually he will add a little in quantity but insist him to add some more as this creates the real flavouring.

World Famous Entally Sausages (9)
Coriander, Mint & Celery Leaf

The final mix is thoroughly mixed so that the entire concoction is equally distributed across. Once this is done the master now needs to insert this mix into an intestine with the help of a funnel. This portion looks easy but trust me it’s real tricky, you need to insert the paste into the thin intestine to the maximum without breaking or leaking them.

All the Ingredients Put Together
All the Ingredients Put Together
World Famous Entally Sausages (11)
The Final Mix
World Famous Entally Sausages (12)
Inserting the Mix into the Casing

Once the whole length is filled up the master then separates them into different section by trying knots in regular interval giving them the distinct shape of a sausage.

World Famous Entally Sausages (13)
Giving the Distinct Shape to the Sausages
Giving the Distinct Shape to the Sausages
Giving the Distinct Shape to the Sausages

The sausages are now ready to be cooked. You need to pay the shop for the weight of the meat and making charges for the sausages. If you are real happy with his service then do not forget to tip the master sausage maker.

World Famous Entally Sausages (15)
The Final Uncooked Sausages

Once back home you just need to give the sausages a quick wash and then simply add the sausages in a Karahi (deep cooking pot) with a little water and a little Mustard Oil. Ensure to prick some holes in the sausages with a needle or a safety pin else when heated the sausages skin might burst open as the hot air needs to escape out.

After sometime the sausages will start releasing its own oil due to the fat content and the entire kitchen will fill up with an unforgettable aroma, it’s now that the sausages are done and ready to be eaten.

World Famous Entally Sausages (16)
Cooked Sausages – Ready To Eat

Some prefer to have them with bread while some prefer just plain white rice, whichever way it tastes awesome and you will surely have a second helping. Once if you have these sausages then you will not like any other variety as these are spicy and much different for the ready to eat frozen sausages.

World Famous Entally Sausages (17)
Sausage and Rice
World Famous Entally Sausages (18)
Sausage and Rice

Enjoy the unique Entally Sausages and soon I will be back with another blog…



38 thoughts on “World Famous Entally Sausages

  1. Wow….mouth watering. I grew up in North India and a very few people know that the British influence in Mussoorie had a great shop selling Masala sausages like above called Georgy Porgy on the mall road. Its still there but they sell more Tandoori chicken n all now. Another thing I miss is the Indian spicy blood sausage. Do get more info about that!! Great blog 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the recipe and the step-by-step preparatory process, Subhadeep! You are spot on! I’ve spent quite a bit of my life in Taltala (near Entally) and I quite agree with you when you write, “Once if you have these sausages then you will not like any other variety…” The aroma and taste are simply unforgettable! Will try this at home (in Mumbai) sans the intestine.

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  3. Awesome. Kalman at Free school street and few Piggeries at the North facade of New Market are also good to mention. But these are well known for Ham Sausage.

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    1. At Entally there is Royal Piggery. At New Market you have UP Cold Storage and another one just opposite to it. At Free School Street you have Kalmans.

      Varieties include cocktail sausages, breakfast sausages etc.


  4. Used to travel all the way from Kidderpore with Dad to buy these mouth watering tasty sausages. Once a month Sunday treat with Dhal and Rice. Was worth the travel and time. Tried to copycat the recipe at home in Australia but unable to get that authentic taste; I presume coz of the sanitized conditions.

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    1. A little bit of pollution does help the sausage 😉 . You are right the taste can never be replicated, for many years my father was transferred to Bangalore and we used to bring cooked sausages from Calcutta to Bangalore just for its taste…


  5. Being from Paddapukur, I am a big fan of both Entally and Park Circus market sausages. However, spicy sausages, also prevalent in Kerala, Goa, are not of Anglo but of Luso heritage. Interestingly we get similar sausages in our neighbouring island of Rodrigues which had Portuguese settlers. Sausages came to Kolkata well before the English came and they were not bland.

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    1. hi Pragho, came across your comments just now. Since I live in Cochin, Kerala I would like you to please tell where the spicy sausages are made in Kerala (with reference to your comments). The only sausages that we get is made by Government of Kerala enterprise M/s Meat Products of India, Koothattukulam near Cochin. That too is not easily available now a days because of manufacturing problems. So, please tell me where else is sausages available in Kerala. Thank yu. with best wishes, M.M.Mohan (


      1. I have got no clue now 😦 I left India over 30 years ago. And I just had it prepared somewhere. Though I am surprised that it isn’t widely available as I always feel Keralites are just as liberal/adventurous as us Bengalis on food.


  6. Thanks for sharing this awesome info. I want to try these sausages. Can you please tell me exactly where is this shop in the entally market ? Entally market is quite big. Is there any shop number or floor no or like something.
    Again thank you.

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      1. Hi Subhadip,

        Hailing from the same place, some time last year we got connected over Entally Sausages. I now realise that you also write interesting travelogues. Maybe you can use this innovative platform that I have created to tell stories of any kind. Among many genres, Travel and Young Person, perhaps Knowledge as well be very suitable ones for your contribution. There probably will be other genres of your interest or you may be knowing others who are great storytellers themselves.

        Justori is free and fun. You may download it from Google PlayStore or click this link . . It is just the beginning of our journey. So, if you like the idea, join us to create a worldwide community of Storytellers.

        Cheers Pratik

        On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 9:13 AM Subhadip Mukherjee ~ The Indian Vagabond wrote:

        > Subhadip Mukherjee commented: “There is only one piggery left so it won’t > be a problem to locate. ” >

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  7. Very good and informative. I got my recipe from a relative in the UK, who migrated in !956. She got it from Entally Market so it is quite authentic.
    I am also very familiar with Bondel Road where you live. Would like to meet up on my next visit to Kolkata.

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    1. Hi William, i just came across your comments on Entally Sausages. Is it possible to share the Entally sausage recipe with me, please. I shall be most grateful if you can do so. Thank you. with best wishes.Mohan & Penny


  8. Yes Iam from Calcutta and I would always buy from either Entally market or Toltalla market..I Presently make them in Melbourne and have acquired a clientele of a lot of Calcutta people.I make both the large and the cocktail sausages.The main product is the gutting , and we get this cleaned and ready to use.The sheep skin gutting is very expensive which is used for the cocktail sausages never the less for some reason or the other people seem to say they are tastier than the big ones although the mix is the same.
    The other product that sells well here is Beef &Chicken kati kawab rolls.

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    1. Hello Subhadip,

      happy new year and hope all is well with you and your family. I guess you may be enjoying the cooler weather as we are sweltering in the heat of the Australian summer.

      Do you write about other topics such as crime in the city of joy. The reason I ask is because I have a real life experience to share. On my last trip to my beloved Kolkata only a year ago, my wife and I were lied to, cheated and had a large sum of money stolen from us by a person we befriended and trusted. Needless to say the money may never be returned to us. the person involved is a woman and works for a company located on Ballygunge Circular Road, which is quite close to Your place of residence.

      Is there any way that I can expose this person as a liar and a thief so that she does not do the same to someone else. Even the people in Kolkata need to know who she is and what her capabilities are.





  9. Nice reading. I have left CCU some 50 years back, when New Market was still the Old New Market, and India was poor and “comfortable” in a way I could not ever recognize today! Keventers was still a place where people would sit drinking milk out of glass bottles as a welcome repast and refreshment and the Paris bespoke tailors down the same footpath was sort of the height of chic among the middle middle class. Oh my!!!! And the decrepit Globe Nursery survived despite all odds for decades, despite never having any purpose in its existence, or so it seemed. So many memories, and of a Calcutta, Free School Street, and Christmases past. People was poetic over Nahoum’s today but does no one remember Wyse’s inside New Market itself? The prawn patties on Thursdays and the wonderful plain cakes and plum cakes?

    Speaking of the UP Piggery, what a house of horrors, with people wielding axes butchering carcasses right on the roadbed. This in a supposedly Govt. Approved meat vendor? Someone spoke of a sausage vendor opposite the UP Govt. Piggery: there was NOTHING directly opposite that store save the open parking spaces! Now, if you were to move some distance up the lane, where the Chinese Piggery marked the T-junction of the lane to the right leading to the poultry market, as well as to the Fish section, right opposite to the Chinese Piggery you would find an incongruous assortment of jharus and similar weird cleaning stuff in the early 60s. Indeed, a solitary pseudo-Burmese food stall popped up there for a short time, as well, for those who will remember! So, go back along the jharu stalls, and tucked away was this Goan gentleman selling his MASALA sausages, frontin right on to the street. Super excellent. Not quite opposite UP Govt. Piggery, but a long diagonal across, maybe. UP Govt. products were horrible.

    Haringhata Piggery products were far better, made at Haringhata Farm, Mohanpur, the Ag. University dairy and animal science station at the time, created with Danish input, I believe. People could go and stay in their resthouses, at the time, and quite nice they were too. Nice duck vindaloo, and such, and fresh fowl curries too, up until 1968, when socialism struck Bengal with a vengeance!!! Lots of pork products, processed on site, and also sold in CCU.

    I am surprised that few here have mentioned soem unique Calcutta flavors:

    1. The cold ham which is quite distinct from the many hams one might come across in the UK, including gammons, and very different from the range of smoked and unsmoked cooked hams in the USA. I wonder what the particular provenance of these particular Calcutta hams could have been. They all were of a type, widely popular as ham sandwiches, sold in ALL the “COLD STORAGES”.

    This was the name given to purveyors of charcuterie and European provisions in Calcutta, e.g. Scott’s on Russel Street/Stephen’s Court [next to Sutton’s], and several more on Chowringhee Rd., O.N. Mukherjee, and later, Lalu & Son’s, scions of O.N. Mukherjee family.

    2. Something called Luncheon Meat.

    3. Calcutta style Rind-on Bacon

    4. Calcutta style Masala and cocktail sausages: the common spicing in all of these sausages surely include cracked black pepper corns, coarsely cracked coriander seed, chopped onions and green chilies, cilantro leaf, stem, root, and maybe mint and/or Calcutta Parsley which is a unique herb with a flavor not found anywhere else. I have tried to find it, without success.

    I am a plant scientist, with a particular interest in this field, and yet after 40 years of search and research I have admitted defeat over a couple of plant species, that apparently are sold in large bunches in New Market and a few other markets in Calcutta.

    I should love to talk more about the flavors of the old Calcutta with any who are so inclined along with the cookin and recipes of the OLD Waldorf and Peiping restaurants. I cannot abide by the sheer perversity of what is now called Indian Chinese or by the clownish ignorance of the parvenu who upload ” Kolkata or Tangra Chinese recipes ” on Youtube. Their boorishness is beyond words. Better to keep silent. In the USA, one discovered a few of the older Chinese who used to run or be part of the families connected with some of these restaurants, but have not been able to make much headway in recovering any of the old recipes.

    Here, the art of making various types of First Class Soup Stocks is a high art. I can remember the exceptional clarity and intensity, as well as the pure taste of the Waldorf soup stocks. As well, here similar Wan Tan soup stocks are made with immense care and trouble with dried flounder, dried shrimp, dried clams/scallops worth a small fortune, plus other types of bones, etc.

    While I may have mastered a few of the Cantonese and Fujianese forms current in this land, none of them correspond precisely to the versions used in the Calcutta soups of Waldorf. So, much research is needed if our own unique heritage is not to be lost forever.

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