Travelogues from the African continent. Country, culture, food, adventure and hundreds of photographs.

AfricaEthiopia | Kenya | Mozambique | Senegal

Travelogues from the Asian continent. Recently I have started exploring around Asia especially Southeast Asia which has a per amalgamation of culture and food. Includes my recent audacious road trip to Myanmar from Kolkata.

AsiaBhutan | Thailand | Myanmar | Sri Lanka

A great family budget trip adventure which included a solo trip to Southern Italy along with my six-year-old daughter. Visiting the magical city of Istanbul and the history of Vatican.

EuropeItaly | Turkey | Vatican

India itself is like a continent and I have tried to cover as much as possible. This section is the biggest with travel stories from all over India. This includes solo travel, family travel, budget travel and travel with friends.

TraveloguesAndhra Pradesh | Bengal | Delhi | Goa | Himachal Pradesh | Jharkhand | Karnataka | Kolkata | Madhya Pradesh | Odisha | Pondicherry | Rajasthan | Sikkim | Tamil Nadu | Telangana | Uttar Pradesh | Uttarakhand

Heritage is my passion and I always try to explore the unknown and the ones which are very rarely talked about. The research sometimes takes months but the end result is something which I cherish.


I have worked with many smaller communities of Kolkata especially that of the Chinese community. I have tried to cover their history in the city, Chinese food, Chinese temples, and the local Kolkata-Chinese culture.


Photography is the main reason why I started blogging in the first place and this section covers some photo stories.


Travel, photography, and food go hand in hand thus this section is dedicated to food especially unique foods like that of ant chutney. If you are a food lover then I am sure you would love this section.


Kolkata has its own unique Christian community which includes both Roman Catholics as well as Protestants. Since I am closely associated with the Protestant community of Kolkata I have penned down several blogs about food, church, cemeteries, etc.

ChristianityAll Souls Day | Christmas | Easter | Palm Sunday

This section covers various events in the city like heritage walks, photo walks, tours, etc.


What cannot be classified into any category in the above sections I have put them all here. This is more like random rambling.

Random Thoughts

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