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Having worked for more than a decade in the book retail and publishing industry in the field of Information Technology and Social Media I have developed a keen passion for Photography, Blogging, and Travelling. It all started with photography when I was in college, those were the days of film photography and you had to think twice before pressing that shutter button as there was no preview and a second shot was always not feasible considering the cost.

The habit of photography made me into a traveller and over a decade of travelling has taken me right across India to Africa to Europe. Right from snow-capped Himalayan range to the grasslands of Masai Mara to the Sistine Chapel.

Next came the food, travelling to new place meant tasting new cuisine and this made me start documenting them in my blogs. I have eaten ants to animals that I cannot mention and people often find them not fit for consumption. This had to be done just to experience the place and its people from the heart and not just as a traveller.

This blog was originally started in the year 2007 but then I was never a serious blogger and it’s only for the last four years that I have been blogging regularly and trying to document all the things that I have seen and that I am going to see.

Hope you enjoy going through the blog and please do comment or write back, it really feels nice that someone actually is finding my blog interesting.

Subhadip Mukherjee

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