Dungeshwari – Mahakala Cave Bodhgaya

Even though Bodhgaya is the epicenter of Buddhism there are few scattered sites around Bodhgaya which are of immense importance to Buddhism. One such location is Mahakala Cave, which is also known as the Dungeshwari Cave. Initially, I wanted to visit this on the last day but by luck, I made a change of plan and visited … Continue reading Dungeshwari – Mahakala Cave Bodhgaya

Mahabodhi Temple – Bodhgaya

I was an avid quizzer during my school days and every year during our annual school general knowledge quiz exam I used to always come within the top three. Once during such exam, I missed out on one question which made me lose my top position and that question was “who is knows as the … Continue reading Mahabodhi Temple – Bodhgaya

MahaNakhon Building Observation Deck & Skywalk

It’s good to watch people freak out with heights I mean to see the reaction on the face of a person who genuinely has a fear of height but it’s another thing to put yourself in that position and see how funny it is. The highest building that I have ever been to was that … Continue reading MahaNakhon Building Observation Deck & Skywalk

Ulta Pani Magnetic Hill – Water and Car Defies Gravity

The main part of travel is to see something new or is it? How about you see the “Main Part” itself? Confused? To make it simple I am going to tell you a story of a place known as “Mainpat”. I am sure you are confused well trust me even I was when I heard … Continue reading Ulta Pani Magnetic Hill – Water and Car Defies Gravity

Ratanpur Fort – Bilaspur – Chhattisgarh

Lesser-known forts, ruined temples, unknown structures seem to always follow me wherever I go. It becomes a challenge to write about these since there are very few verified references and I always avoid writing from hearsay. It actually becomes like an addiction as I have sleepless night trying to piece together a puzzle from various … Continue reading Ratanpur Fort – Bilaspur – Chhattisgarh

Places To Visit In Udaipur

I was visiting Udaipur for the very first time and accompanying me was my office colleague. He had earlier visited Udaipur along with another colleague of ours thus he was not that much interested in going around Udaipur. On asking him, it became clear that the reason he was reluctant for another Udaipur City tour … Continue reading Places To Visit In Udaipur