Places TO Visit In Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri (1)

Having travelled across Rajasthan (Jaipur à Ajmer – Pushkar à Jaisalmer à Jodhpur) I had finally reached Agra for a brief stopover before heading home finally. I have already told you about some of the tourist locations that you can travel across Agra including the famous Taj Mahal so this is the final blog in the series and I will take you to Fatehpur Sikri.

For this trip I had booked a car, alternately you can take an Auto also but since they travel quite slower thus will take more time. It takes around and hour (36 Kilometres) to reach Fatehpur Sikri and it is to take note that the car actually does not go all the way to the top of the ridge as all tourist vehicles need to park at a designated spot. You can either walk all the way up but that would be quite a walk.

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Places To Visit In Agra

Places To Visit In Agra (1)

Moving on from my great tour of Rajasthan which covered Jaipur -> Ajmer – Pushkar -> Jaisalmer -> Jodhpur I had decided not to return directly to Kolkata by train as the train journey would have been too long and considering my toddler daughter it would have been a nightmare.

I had planned a short stop over at Agra so that we could rest for a couple of days before finally heading back home. The journey from Jodhpur started late as the scheduled overnight train was delayed for around four hours. Luckily we had packed dinner from our hotel and thus we had one thing less to worry about.

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Once Upon a Varanasi Valentine’s Day

Once Upon a Varanasi Valentine’s Day (1)

What I am going to narrate to you all is till now known to only two people, so after you finish reading this would be known to you also. This actually would make you in the privilege club of few to have known the secret which is nearly twelve years old.

In was in the month of January 2004 that I decided to go for my very first photo shoot in Varanasi. I had always read about its mystical existence and how the real India seems to accumulate in this small river side town. Unfortunately during that time, I had just graduated and was doing my master’s degree thus not much money in my pocket for an extravaganza outing. Everything had to be carefully planned to save the maximum.

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Varanasi Vagabonds – A trip report on Varanasi

Varanasi Vagabonds

It was a Saturday 5th of October me and my colleague Prosanto was discussing about our photography as a hobby. Durga Puja vacations are long in Bengal often lasting 5 – 6 day thus we were contemplating if we could make an impromptu plan to go for a short photography trip somewhere near. Fortunately for us both our spouse and our children were going to their in laws place thus we were completely free for few days. 

The challenge was that we were really late and during Durga Puja almost all train tickets are booked and travelling to any destination can be a challenge. So instead of the destination we started looking at IRCTC website for available train tickets from Kolkata to any destination. Unfortunately the WL was way too much.  

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