Cha Bar New Menu Launch

Cha Bar New Menu Launch

Having worked in Park Street locality for more than a decade I have for sure almost been to all the restaurants, hotels and roadside eateries. Amongst all of the varieties of local, national and international brand shops my favourite is the good old Cha Bar located inside Oxford Bookstore in Kolkata. Since for the last two years I have stopped bringing lunch from home due to a logistical issue I have shifted to having light working lunch and my favourite is to grab a sandwich from Cha Bar most of the days.

It was my privilege when I joined a group of esteemed bloggers from the city to try out the newly revamped menu of Cha Bar on 20th of October 2016. The list of bloggers included who’s who of the blogging circuit in the city. Amongst all of them perhaps I was the youngest when it comes to blogging thus all the time I was watching how the seniors do what they are expert in.

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Kolkata Literary Heritage Bus Tour


My city of Calcutta (Kolkata) has seen many heritage walks and heritage bus tours but on 16th of October 2016, I myself and this old city of mine witnessed something for the very first time. Oxford Bookstore one of the city’s heritage landmark and also a bookstore arranged the first ever Literary Heritage Bus Tour along with Patra Bharati under the banner of Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob. LetUsGo was the Heritage Tour partner for the festival providing vital infrastructure making this a truly comfortable bus tour.

This is the second year of Apeejay Bangla Sahitya Utsob and this year a special bus tour was organised for selected bloggers and the press media who were taken on a tour of city’s literary landmarks.

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Blogadda Comes To Kolkata


Rome was not built in a day, similarly the Bloggers Meet at Oxford Bookstore Kolkata on 13th February, 2016 was also not planned in a day. It was actually conceived weeks back when I received a call from Sammya Brata about Harish visiting Kolkata on the way to attend another programme at Tata Nagar.

It was both formal as well as an informal meet wherein Blog Adda team would for the first time meet a group of selected 30 bloggers from Kolkata. This was also a wonderful opportunity for bloggers like me to finally see some of the team members of Blog Adda and to know about their activity in a detailed way.

Since Harish and his team would be using Kolkata as a transit point thus the window of opportunity was very limited, we had to have this on 13th and what better than Oxford Bookstore Kolkataas the perfect venue for this meet!. Being centrally located this place is more like a landmark in the city and easy for anyone to commute. But to get this place I need to book it first, a quick call confirmed the availability and the booking was done. To my surprise even the Oxford Bookstore team were quite enthusiastic about it as it has been a policy for them to encourage blogging.

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Tea, Cookies and More…

Tea, Cookies and More…

What does a man needs in life? For me a cup of tea, a book to read and few bites to nibble. This is what I exactly found at Cha Bar which is a cafeteria inside Oxford Bookstore Kolkata. Being one of the landmark destination for booklovers in the city this place is visited by many and often you would find some celebrity or the other in one corner trying to take a book of the shelf and give a glance. Amongst all these it’s almost impossible to miss the aroma of Masala Tea and the fresh grilled sandwiches which acts like a magnet for a food lover like me. Every visit to the store is followed by a bite into the freshly baked Blueberry Muffins and the moment you bite into them the liquid blueberry jam which is still hot flows into your mouth instantly taking you to heaven.

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Wikipedia Comes To Oxford Bookstore Kolkata with Wikilearnopedia

Wikipedia Comes To Oxford Bookstore Kolkata with Wikilearnopedia

23rd August 2015 the day was just like any other Sunday, going to the church in the morning then doing the weekly vegetable shopping and the list goes on and on. But something was different this Sunday because today Wikipedia Kolkata Chapter was visiting Oxford Bookstore for the first time for a unique workshop called Wikilearnopedia, which basically means a workshop where the Wikipedia team will train new users to help contribute content for the ever growing knowledge base of Wikipedia.

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