Food Blogging Workshop

Food Blogging Workshop

I am not a dedicated food blogger and my primary focus is on travel blogging and when you are an avid traveller and blogger it is bound that you start writing about the local cuisine also. Thus you can say that food blogging has become a part of my blogging adventure.

I have never been to any food blogging workshop and all my knowledge about food blogging was completely based on friendly advice from fellow food bloggers. When Zomato and Social Bong was conducting a special Food Blogging Workshop and I was specially invited to join the workshop as a guest it was something that I still find myself privileged.

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My Grandmothers Garden

My Grandmothers Garden (1)

Gardening as a hobby started quite late in my life, even though I grew up in a place where there was always a small garden in front of our house I was not much interested in flowers and colorful leaves. It was however not the same for my grandmother, her way of gardening was quite rough when she wished she would plant something and on a whim, she would trim down something if not completely chopping it off.

Our garden had a small play area in the middle with a guava tree, my father had built me a swing on this tree and I would spend my summer vacations swinging all day and come monsoon I would have a delicious guava in my hand. During the summer vacations even with the sun touching the 40’s I would set up a small tent in between and play pretending to be a traveller going across the world in my open hood jeep and setting up my tent to rest for the night.

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Instagram Kolkata Instameet 5

Instagram Kolkata Instameet (1)

It was the second Instameet conducted Calcutta Instagrammers that I was attending on a dull grey March morning. The date was 6th of March 2016 and nearly six months back I had participated in my first Instameet. Things were quite different this time, unlike the first meet, this time, there were quite a few known faces and more than that there were many friends who I had acquired from the last Instameet.

This walk was organised on behalf of Turtle by Calcutta Instagrammers team and the theme for the day was “Graffiti” or you can say street art. The start point was Indian Museum and from there we will move to New Market and Sudder Street area which is slowly becoming a graffiti hub in this city.

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Christine Manfield – A Dessert Storm

A Dessert Storm (1)

This year during AKLF 2016 (Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival) Kolkata had a very special guest from Australia. Kolkata being a gastronomy crazy city saw none other than Christine Manfield presenting her culinary skill in front of a packed hall at The Park. This was also the event where she launched her book A Personal Guide to India and Bhutan. This book was released by none other than Vir Sanghvi. Nondon Bagchi and Chef Sharad Dewan were also present at the event thus creating a perfect diversified atmosphere for a Sunday afternoon delight.

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Mullick Ghat Flower Market Photo Walk

Flower Market Photo Walk - 1

If there is a family wedding or any occasion in the family I used to keep hearing someone who has been given the responsibility to get fresh flowers from the Howrah Flower Market, later I came to know that this market is actually known as Mullick Ghat Flower Market. Whatever it may be but I never managed to visit this place, one of the main reason may be that this market is at its full bloom in the early hours of the morning something which is way beyond my imagination since I am not that an early riser. Years passed by but I never had been to the Flower Market of Kolkata.

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Kolkata Dalhousie Heritage Walk

European Kolkata Heritage Walk

Self-possessions are always undermined and other’s possessions seem better, this proverb best suits our thoughts when it comes to heritage in our own city of Kolkata. The name might have changed from Calcutta to Kolkata but it’s the heritage that speaks volumes. I have been doing heritage photography and blogging for some time now but never had ever gone through my own city’s heritage, probably it might be ignorance or may be a bit of laziness on my part to go for a walking tour around the city.

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