Kolkata’s First Gourmet Food Truck

Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (1)

Food trucks are quite common across the United States of America and is considered as one of the prime examples of Street Food outlet. But here is India this is very much a new concept and is yet to catch on. Kolkata being a food lover’s paradise had some of these food trucks in form of Benfish busses which used to shell out the staple Fish Fry, Fist Butter Fry, Fish Fingers etc. The choices were pretty much within few items and hygiene could actually not be questioned. There were also some which were managed by ex-servicemen across the lakes and park but these generally stuck to tea, biscuits, cakes and chips.

It was by chance that I happen to pass by a food truck near Gariahat, Kolkata. The exact spot is the place where the famous Ekdalia Evergreen Durga Puja takes places. This food truck was very much different, for a change it was neat and clean, the whole truck was decorated with graphics and cartoons. The interiors were equally well done with electric operated deep fryers, microwave oven, freezer etc. The truck was managed by a group of young boys and girls in their mid-twenties and a sense of fun buzzing in the air.

Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (2)
Agdum Bagdum – The First Gourmet Food Truck in Kolkata
Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (3)
Agdum Bagdum – The First Gourmet Food Truck in Kolkata

This was the first Gourmet Food Truck of Kolkata and it’s called Agdum Bagdum. This concept of gourmet truck was conceived by a group of young entrepreneurs and this was their first food truck and very soon they wish to operate few more across the city.

The truck is powered by a diesel powered generator which is attached to the truck and supplies the necessary power to the equipment’s in the food truck. All the staffs of the food truck are dressed with hygienic hair/skull cap and gloves. You need to pay first and you will get a printed invoice with your kitchen order ticket number and according to that your turn will come to get served.

Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (4)
Customers outside the Food Truck
Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (5)
Customers outside the Food Truck
Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (6)
Customers outside the Food Truck

The reason it’s called a gourmet food truck and not just a simple food truck is because of the menu that is being served. Some of items on the menu are Burrito, Kabiraji Burger, Momo, French Fries, Fish Finger, Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani, Chicken Wrap, Veg Wrap, Virgin Mojito, Ocean Blue Mojito, Fish & Chips etc.

Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (7)
French Fries
Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (8)

All this could not stop me from moving away from the spot but I had to try a couple of them. First was a plate of French Fries, then a Burrito followed by a Fish & Chips. The pricing is good enough and there is always a trickle of customers which proves that people are liking this new concept of street food. Do keep some time in your hand as most of the items are prepared fresh thus does take a little time to prepare them.

Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (9)
Fish & Chips
Kolkatas First Gourmet Food Truck (10)

The taste and quality is good enough, however some of the items are priced a bit higher but it’s all right considering the overall cost that is being incurred to manage this food truck. They have to pay their staffs, maintain the equipment, run the generators and of course pay the parking fee on a daily basis for the whole day.

So the next time you are near Gariahat and need to quickly recharge yourself with a bite or two remember to visit Agdum Bagdum.

17 thoughts on “Kolkata’s First Gourmet Food Truck

  1. Very nice article! I enjoyed reading the detailed description about Agdum Bagdum which is Kolkata’s first gourmet food truck. The splendid pictures provided along with the description show clearly how much people love eating from Agdum Bagdum. Thanks for sharing this article with us.

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    1. Ok ! You too must have gone through the municipal corporations office etc . What all papers you had to submit ?
      I too am trying for food truck at kol in near future ?
      It would be great if you guide me .

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  2. I want meet this team and need to ask for the concept and about some ideas as an entrepreneur . I want to start a business in food truck concept.
    Please help

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  3. এনাদের কারোর মোবাইল নম্বর পাওয়া যাবে। আসলে আমি ও এই রকম কিছু একটা করতে চাই।তাই ওদের সাথে কথা বলে কিছু আইডিয়া নিনিতে চাই।


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