Tea Trolling at First Flush


Well, I am lucky yet unlucky to have our president of the country share the same surname as mine. When I travel abroad some even ask me if we are related after hearing my name. To make things official “no” we are not related, in that logic even Hemanta Mukherjee would have been in my relation.

Now you might ask why our presidents name get mentioned in the very first paragraph of my blog, well to come to the point this blog would not have happened if his excellency Sri. Pranab Mukherjee would not have landed in Kolkata and happen to take the same route that I was supposed to take en route to meet a friend in Golpark near Gariahat, Kolkata.

I was meeting a good friend and also a blogger Indrajit Lahiri who in the blogging world is more popular as “Mohamushkil” at Café Coffee Day outlet near Golpark. Due to the president’s convoy which was about to pass through the same road, all road diversions were stopped and I was forced to take an unplanned left just before actual Golpark crossing.

The road, unfortunately, was also one way thus I could not reach Golpark and the next option was to return home which again was not an option. We had to change our plan and the next best option was to find another place where we could sit and give some adda (only Bengalis will actually understand this word which actually means talking about anything and everything under the universe without actually trying to figure a logic or conclusion).

Indrajit rang me up and asked me to wait where I was as he knew about a new tea lounge called First Flush which he heard had some good reviews recently. I am always game about trying out new places thus waiting for him to join me and then proceeded to a small lane which you will surely going to miss and at the very corner there it was.

The restaurant has a somewhat different décor style that we normally see in restaurants nowadays. Instead of the in trend glass door, they had a bright red door which surely you can see quite often in the streets of London. The interiors were equally well done with bright white floors and mist grey walls. I particularly loved the top covered circular lamp shades which give you so much the sixties feel.

First Flush – Entrance
First Flush – Entrance
First Flush – Interiors
First Flush – Furniture
First Flush – Furniture

Being a tea-centric restaurant the furniture’s were made of cane which you might actually relate if you have ever visited a tea estate in the Himalayas. These have been purposely done to take the customers visually to a different era.

First Flush – Décor
First Flush – Décor
First Flush – Décor
First Flush – Décor
First Flush – Selection of Available Teas

Being a black tea lover myself I had to try out the Castleton First Flush which also happens to be one of my favourites. While ordering we notice that this place was also offering the customers much more than tea, there were American Club Sandwiches, Fish & Chips and other snacks which would definitely compliment a cup of tea.

While ordering we were informed that each of the items ordered was prepared fresh thus serving would take some time and that they would first start with the tea first

The tea was served in a way tea is actually supposed to be served, the teapot covered by a tea cosy and with a sand clock counting to three minutes which the tea leaves need to soak after which we can pour it in our cups. This is important since the time the tea leaves need to be in boiled water is essential to get the exact desired taste, aroma and colour.

Castleton First Flush
Castleton First Flush
Castleton First Flush

Castleton First Flush never disappoints and I got exactly what I was looking for, on the contrary, Indrajit is more of a foodie according to him the tea that he prefers people normally would call that a milk and tea shake. He had ordered a full portion of American Club Sandwich, Fish & Chips and Bacon Cheese Bombs. What we did not realise that we were about to be overloaded with food.

It did take time and at first, we were served American Club Sandwich with French Fries. I am a big fan of club sandwiches and trust me when I say that these were one of the best that this city can offer. Let me describe the layers for you, bread – ham- cheese – bread – lettuce – bacon – egg – bread. Priced at Rs. 295 (full portion) the portions were huge, I would recommend taking half instead of a full portion which can be easily shared by two.

American Club Sandwich
American Club Sandwich – (layers of bread – ham- cheese - bread – lettuce – bacon – egg – bread)
American Club Sandwich – (layers of bread – ham- cheese – bread – lettuce – bacon – egg – bread)

Next came the Fish & Chips, this was not just your regular fish & chips but a part of their signature dishes which they call American Fish and Chips with Beer Batter Served with Lemon Sauce. The highlight of this dish was actually its sauce which compliments the fish very well. Considering its portions it’s well-priced at Rs. 390.

American Fish and Chips with Beer Batter Served with Lemon Sauce (Single Portion)

The highlight of the evening was what we were served next, Bacon Cheese Bomb which was mind blowing just as the name suggests soft mushy cheese wrapped in bacon. Pop these in your mouth and the whole world seems a much better place to live in.3

Bacon Cheese Bomb

After all these food it was time to try some desserts and what better than Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream which is moderately priced at Rs. 110.

Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Since this was basically a tea lounge thus the best way to end the evening while we did our usual chit chat was with a final cup of Avongrove Second Flush.

Avongrove Second Flush

Overall First Flush is highly recommended for tea lovers along with trying some classic side dishes but do keep in mind that the service out here might be at times a bit slow considering the way the food is prepared fresh after an order rather than just heating a precooked dish in a microwave.

So the next time you are around Gol Park, Gariahat do drop in at First Flush and enjoy a cup of tea with a good ambience.


21/2, Gariahat Rd, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700019, 033 4001 7708

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