The Day I Shot With a Mobile

The Day I Shot With a Mobile

Everything was going according to the plan perfectly, the batteries recharged, lens cleaned, tripod tested even the flash was wiped clean after a really long time. I was all excited to shoot and just could not hide that big smile on my face. I had finally found the opportunity to have a short stroll along the lanes and by lanes of old Delhi. I always wanted to do this and somehow never managed to find any time. This changed however on my last trip to Delhi when my work schedule coincided with Independence Day weekend.

I had tracked down the house of Mirza Ghalib and on reaching, I opened my bag to click photographs of the place. The setting was perfect and after framing the shot I pressed the shutter button and nothing happened. I tried several times but it just would not budge. As the habit, I kept pressing the shutter release harder and harder and it just did not click. Out of excitement, I failed to see the warning on the screen “Insert Memory Card“.

I knew that this opportunity for me to revisit this place might not happen ever so with no other option in sight I decided to use my mobile phone to shoot. Initially, I was not sure how the output would be but when I clicked on the gallery to see the images that I had just clicked I was stunned to see the brilliant result almost comparable with that of a DSLR.

The Day I Shot With a Mobile (1)
Good Wide Angle
The Day I Shot With a Mobile (2)
Brilliant Low Light Photography

Not just video I started shooting videos also and the Full HD quality was too good to be from a mobile phone. Even I went live on Facebook broadcasting my adventure to my friends.

I am an avid traveler and have traveled across the country as well as quite a few foreign destinations and honestly, I have seen mobile photography picking up. A close buddy of mine who just returned from a grand Greece holiday did not take his DSLR with him instead just took his mobile phone and honestly speaking I was shocked to see the quality and clarity of photographs.

The Day I Shot With a Mobile (6)
Food Shots Look Yummier With the Vibrant Colours
The Day I Shot With a Mobile (7)
Beautiful Close up Compositions with the Help of Dual Back Camera You Can Easily Shift Mode from Wide to Narrow

One of the main complaints that I have during all my trips is that I have to keep carrying my heavy photography gear all the time. A DSLR body, around three different lenses, external microphone, flash, tripod, charger, battery, filters, memory card and the list goes on and on. The difficulty of always having a heavy bag on the shoulder is that you get tired soon and the fun of visiting a new place and seeing new things goes down the drain. I somehow wished that I could buy a single device like a mobile phone capable of doing photography, videography and obviously make calls.

I was lucky to have with me my InFocus Snap 4, for all these years I was having a phone with just one front camera and one back camera but this one has four different cameras. Two in the front and two in the back, so basically this is a 4 camera smartphone. I am not that into selfies but more into landscape and architecture shots so keep constantly using the rear cameras and this baby has a solid 13-megapixel eye which I guess is what most digital cameras selling in the market have.

The Day I Shot With a Mobile (3)
InFocus Snap 4

The market now is flooded with smartphones under 10000 category and smartphone under 15000 categories each of these catering to a different category but what InFocus India has done is to bridge this and have a solid phone which costs around 12,000 Rupees. So what you are getting is this price covers all the features between the two categories. I was initially hesitant about getting this phone but after seeing its performance I feel lucky that I got the opportunity to explore this high-performance device.

The Day I Shot With a Mobile (4)
InFocus Snap 4
The Day I Shot With a Mobile (5)
InFocus Snap 4

In fact what I have done is to also buy its younger cousin the InFocus Turbo 5 Plus and will be using it exclusively for my upcoming trip during the Durga Puja vacations. So when you see those photographs and videos streaming from my vacation you would know it’s coming from this baby.

By the way, if you are unaware as to why this phone has such powerful features then here comes the secret that you might not have known that is InFocus is a brand owned by Foxconn and if you have not heard about Foxconn then Google it to find out about it. Trust me you will be shocked to know that Foxconn is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for one of the highest selling mobile phone in the world.

The Day I Shot With a Mobile (8)
Street Art Look Brilliant with Perfect Framing and Colour Rendering
The Day I Shot With a Mobile (9)
Street Art Look Brilliant with Perfect Framing and Colour Rendering

So see you soon from my vacation and remember to hit that like button every time I post a photo or video from my vacation. In the meantime check these links to get details about these products InFocus Snap 4  & InFocus Turbo 5 Plus.

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