Canning House – Port Canning

I have traveled to the Canning town several times when my dad used to go there as a part of his NGO activities. All I knew back then was the sweet meat “Ladycany” (Lady Canning) was named after the wife of the first Viceroy of India, Charles Canning. It was a tradition to name different … Continue reading Canning House – Port Canning

Places To Visit Around Serampore

I have almost covered all the important places around Serampore in individual blog posts. Apart from these individual blog posts, I have quite a few of them which I plan to post altogether making a big list of places around Serampore. So in this blog, I have listed down all the famous places in Serampore … Continue reading Places To Visit Around Serampore

Serampore College

I visited this place way back in 2001 and back then I had no clue as to why I had to accompany my father’s friend all the way from Kolkata for a trip to Serampore College. He seemed to be very excited about the visit and I for some reason could not figure how a … Continue reading Serampore College

Henry Martyns Pagoda

While researching on places that one can visit while visiting Serampore I stumbled upon Henry Martyn’s Pagoda. Now both the things don’t match, first of all, why would there be a Pagoda in the middle of nowhere right at the banks of Hooghly River, and secondly why would a pagoda be named after an Englishman? … Continue reading Henry Martyns Pagoda

Danish Government House Serampore

After covering the Danish church, cemetery now in this blog I take you to the center of Danish rule of Serampore that is their main government building known as Danish Government House. Now before going into the architecture and its details it’s time for a little more detailed description of the Danish rule of Serampore. … Continue reading Danish Government House Serampore

Mission Cemetery Serampore

This is my third blog in the Danish Serampore series and this blog, we will visit another cemetery. This one is the Baptist Mission Cemetery located very near to Serampore college and is also very significant in the historic perspective of Christianity in India. The Serampore Trio Before understanding the significance of why this small … Continue reading Mission Cemetery Serampore

Danish Cemetery Serampore

This is my second blog on Serampore and in my first blog, I had already given a short brief about the Danish rule of Serampore. It does not matter which country or kingdom ruled which part of Bengal they settled in that place and apart from creating schools, colleges, and churches something that they were … Continue reading Danish Cemetery Serampore