Chandraketugarh – The Forgotten Bengal Empire

My paternal grandmother was an avid storyteller and during the mid-80’s when Calcutta was constantly suffering from daily dosages of load shedding which in plain and simple terms means power cut due to excess demand these stories used to work like a charm. The darkrooms are only lit by kerosene lamps and my grandmother constantly … Continue reading Chandraketugarh – The Forgotten Bengal Empire

Falta Dutch Fort

“Ekhane bagher khancha chilo. Jara bodmasi korto tader ei bagher khachey fele dawa hoto” (There used to be a tiger cage right here and people who used to do bad things would be thrown inside the cage) muttered the boy of around ten years of age as he explained the functionality of the old structures … Continue reading Falta Dutch Fort

Komagata Maru Memorial Budge Budge

Long before the border walls between Mexico and the USA or the European Migration Crisis something terrible had happened right in our own country and to make it more specific it happened in Bengal under the British Raj. A group of Sikh passengers on board a ship named Komagata Maru was barred from entering Canada … Continue reading Komagata Maru Memorial Budge Budge

Locating Fort Budge Budge And Fort Makwa Tana

The moment someone thinks about forts and Calcutta the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is that of Fort William and if that person has some interest in the history of the city then probably would also mention the old Fort William that was once destroyed by the army of Siraj ud-Daulah. This blog … Continue reading Locating Fort Budge Budge And Fort Makwa Tana

Achipur Telegraph & Semaphore Station

You take left and then take right towards Chinamantala and then you will need to cross four road bumpers, three interrupted his friend, and then for the next two minutes, both of them discussed if we have to cross three road bumpers or four road bumpers. Finally, they conclude that there will be three real … Continue reading Achipur Telegraph & Semaphore Station

Swami Vivekananda and Budge Budge Railway Station

By now all my office colleagues know that I am into blogging and sometimes they come to me for their travel planning and sometimes they come to inform me about some new places that I might be interested in covering on my blog. One fine day my colleague who just sits next to me whispers … Continue reading Swami Vivekananda and Budge Budge Railway Station

Moyapur Achipur Barood Ghar Magazine

“What is in a name”? Everything actually when it comes to history and heritage. Around two years back I had visited a group of abandoned brick buildings that were almost in ruins while on a trip to Achipur. The locals refer to this place as a “Barood Ghar” but no such references exist in any … Continue reading Moyapur Achipur Barood Ghar Magazine