Achipur Telegraph & Semaphore Station

You take left and then take right towards Chinamantala and then you will need to cross four road bumpers, three interrupted his friend, and then for the next two minutes, both of them discussed if we have to cross three road bumpers or four road bumpers. Finally, they conclude that there will be three real … Continue reading Achipur Telegraph & Semaphore Station

Swami Vivekananda and Budge Budge Railway Station

By now all my office colleagues know that I am into blogging and sometimes they come to me for their travel planning and sometimes they come to inform me about some new places that I might be interested in covering on my blog. One fine day my colleague who just sits next to me whispers … Continue reading Swami Vivekananda and Budge Budge Railway Station

Moyapur Achipur Barood Ghar Magazine

“What is in a name”? Everything actually when it comes to history and heritage. Around two years back I had visited a group of abandoned brick buildings that were almost in ruins while on a trip to Achipur. The locals refer to this place as a “Barood Ghar” but no such references exist in any … Continue reading Moyapur Achipur Barood Ghar Magazine

Locating Baigachi RAF Airfield

While writing the blog about the places bombed by Japanese in Calcutta one name that often crept up was “Baigachi RAF Airfield”. For some time I was not being able to locate its exact position since the name of the locality has changed and has nothing to do with an airfield anymore. The one reference … Continue reading Locating Baigachi RAF Airfield

Achipur Chinese Temple and Sugar Trade

You must have read several blogs and articles regarding Achipur so why would you go ahead and read this blog? To start with I took around two years to go through several reference documents and trying to understand the logic behind this whole sugar industry in the first place. There are two different aspects to … Continue reading Achipur Chinese Temple and Sugar Trade

Places To Visit In Santiniketan

Who knew that within a week there will be complete chaos in the country, who knew it would be the last trip for many months to come. My trip to Santiniketan was in March when COVID-19 had already spread across the world it was almost certain that it was in India too. I was there … Continue reading Places To Visit In Santiniketan

Vel Vel Festival in Bandel

Who would have thought that a festival typical that of Tamil is widely celebrated in West Bengal with equal fanfare? One summer morning on a Saturday I and two friends of mine set off to Bandel which is around an hour train ride from Kolkata. The summer was at its peak and we were all … Continue reading Vel Vel Festival in Bandel