Ajmer Pushkar Day Trip

Ajmer Pushkar Day Trip

If you are travelling across Rajasthan then a good day trip from Jaipur would be to Ajmer and Pushkar. With a distance of 150 Kilometres, it is a smooth ride on the well-paved highways that cut across the state. Check with your hotel travel desk for car rates or you can check with the many car rentals that you will find across Jaipur. It’s advisable to negotiate a fixed round trip rate so that you are well aware how much you will end up paying at the end of the trip.

I went to this day trip to Ajmer and Pushkar during my grand Rajasthan tour with my family. I had covered Jaipur -> Ajmer – Pushkar -> Jaisalmer -> Jodhpur during this trip. Considering my toddler daughter at that time it made sense to book a TATA Indigo rather than TATA Indica as the extra space would make sure a comfortable journey for all. If you are travelling during October to February then a non-air conditioned car will suffice but during rest of the season air conditioning is a must.

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Amer Fort Jaigarh Fort Jal Mahal

Amer Fort Jaigarh Fort Jal Mahal (1)

The first planned vacation that I took with my family that is with my wife and daughter together was to a long tour of Rajasthan. I had planned this long vacation during Durga Puja since that is the only time I get a really long vacation from office. Unlike any other vacations that I had taken with my wife or as a solo traveller this was a bit different since I had my three-year-old daughter with me. Considering her age I had to plan my vacation such that she gets good rest between my hops through the different towns.

I had planned to visit Jaipur -> Ajmer – Pushkar -> Jaisalmer -> Jodhpur for this trip. I had purposely skipped some of the other important towns since I wanted to give enough time at every location rather than hurrying from one to the other. Places like Udaipur, Mount Abu, Bikaner etc. was planned to be covered at a later stage when my daughter would grow up a bit to enjoy these places.

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