Six Places to Visit in Thanjavur


In my previous blogs I have already covered most of the important landmarks in Thanjavur or Tanjore so this would be my last blog about this place where I would list down all the important places that you must visit in Thanjavur which includes the landmarks which have already been mentioned in my previous blog as well as places which you might squeeze in-between the big ones.

Places to Visit Around Thanjavur

1) Brihadeeswarar Temple
2) Thanjavur Palace
3) Manora Fort
4) Rajarajan Manimandapam
5) Christ Church – Fort (Schwartz Church)
6) Punnainallur Mariamman Temple

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Manora Fort


If you are travelling to Thanjavur or Tanjore then there are few places you must visit and one of them is Manora. It’s around 65 – 75 kilometres from Thanjavur town and the best transportation option would be to hire a car. Instead of hiring the car for a full day you can book it for a point to point service which would be much cheaper.

The journey from Thanjavur town to Manora is a very smooth one as a considerable part of the journey is over newly constructed four lane highway, rest of the roads are also newly laid making it quite a smooth and comfortable journey.

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Thanjavur Palace


This is my second blog on the city of Thanjavur or Tanjore. The first one was obviously on Brihadeeswarar Temple being one of the most recognised temples in the country which I felt required a separate blog in itself. Surprise as it may sound the city or town of Thanjavur was for a long time ruled by the Marathas and only left after the British or East India Company started dominating the trade scene in the Indian subcontinent.

To make their presence felt the Marathas had built a modern palace which was the residence of the Bhonsle family from 1674 – 1855. However, this palace was initially built by the Nayaks but after their defeats against the Marathas by Venkoji Bhonsle (half-brother of Shivaji), the palace was taken over. This palace is however not like the ones you see in Maharashtra on Rajasthan but more of a complex of different structures which in totality forms  the whole Thanjavur Maratha Palace Complex.

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Brihadeeswarar Temple – Thanjavur


Call it hallucinations or my past life the word Tanjore or Thanjavur always brought back memories from nowhere. I had never visited that place but that one name always made me have a déjà vu. I could distinctly feel the stones under my feet and see the morning blue hour beyond the temples. It might be due to the pages of my history book from my primary school but for some reason, this feeling never left me.

Off late, I have been making regular trips down south to the state of Tamil Nadu and during one such trip, I had managed to include a short trip to Thanjavur. Easier said than done the origin of my journey was from Vellore and I could not get any direct connections to Thanjavur. Thus I had to take a car from Vellore to Chennai (Egmore) and then took an overnight special train to Thanjavur.

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Vellore Fort – The First Battle of Indian Independence


Like me, if you would have known that the first battle of Indian independence was fought in the year 1857 then technically you are mistaken as the first battle against the European rule actually happened in the year 1806 near 50 years before the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

The plot was just like a Bollywood movie a wedding, a group of angry men and a dethroned prince. And all of these happened in a small place known as Vellore around 140 kilometres from Madras (Chennai). This was the time when the English were already dominating the Indian subcontinent ahead of the French.

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Delhi Gate Arcot – The Beginning of Robert Clive


Major-General Robert Clive a name synonymous with East India Company and the British India had a very different job with the company at the beginning and had nothing to do with battlefield or the conquest over the Mughals. Being from Kolkata I was well aware of Robert Clive and his role in the city for defeating  Siraj Ud Daulah and recapturing Fort William(old) but it did not strike me that much before his accomplishment in my city he had done something dramatic in the city of Arcot.

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