Thomas Fanshawe Middleton Last Resting Place

So where was Thomas Fanshawe Middleton the first Bishop of Calcutta buried? This question had always intrigued me for long, as there were no official document to backup. Many books, gazettes, and repots have mentioned him being buried at the altar of St. Jonh’s Church and the marble plaque at the altar of the church … Continue reading Thomas Fanshawe Middleton Last Resting Place

Kolkata’s Unique Easter Rally

Kolkata is unique in every way, perhaps very few cities around the world celebrate Easter the way Kolkatan’s do. Every year on Easter Day a rally is organized by The Diocese of Calcutta and United Christians of Kolkata. Now what is unique about this is that around 85 Churches, Christian organizations and Christian schools participate … Continue reading Kolkata’s Unique Easter Rally