A French Crematorium for the Christians and Brahmos of Calcutta

Christian Crematoriam in Kolkata 17

Christians bury their dead usually but some do cremate also, this is becoming a very common occurrence in the west where the Christian population is high and the burial grounds are limited. The bodies are cremated in a crematorium and the ashes are collected in an urn which is in turn buried in a small plot. Some also keep the ashes in a decorated urn in their house.

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Christian Cemeteries in Kolkata

Christian Cemeteries in Kolkata

Once being the capital of British India and also being the nerve centre of East India Company Kolkata has seen European migration for a really long time. Here you will find the cemeteries of the English, French, Armenians, Greeks and Dutch. I have only visited few cemeteries before writing this post thus when I started researching for this blog I was taken aback by the total gamut of history that is lying buried. In this blog I have listed out the Christian Cemeteries in Kolkata and for some of them I have added a brief history along with the list of illustrious important personalities each of these cemeteries are housing.

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