St. John’s Church Kolkata – A Complete Guide

St. Johns Church Kolkata (131)

Kolkata or rather I should say Calcutta since this blog is basically on a subject which is more Calcutta than Kolkata. As a tourist, if you are coming to this city then the chances of visiting this church is very high since this would form a part of the European Heritage of the city. Since there is scattered information about this church across the net thus I have decided to bring it all together along with a short history of the church. This blog will mainly focus on the different structures and the important tablets and cenotaphs present inside the church as well as outside around the church compound. I have made an audacious attempt for the first time to cover each and every important object within the church compound.

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Kolkata’s Unique Easter Rally

Kolkata is unique in every way, perhaps very few cities around the world celebrate Easter the way Kolkatan’s do. Every year on Easter Day a rally is organized by The Diocese of Calcutta and United Christians of Kolkata. Now what is unique about this is that around 85 Churches, Christian organizations and Christian schools participate in this rally regardless of their denomination. This year the rally was attended by nearly 6000 participants.

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A Very Kolkata Palm Sunday – A journey with photography into Palm Sunday and Confirmation service

Confirmation ceremony - Bishop anointing the youth with Holy Water

Palm Sunday is celebrated the Sunday before Easter. It also marks the start of the Holy Week which consists of Good Friday and finally ends with Easter celebrations. Palm Sunday to me from very childhood symbolises the making of crucifix using palm leaves which we make by hand a day before and decorate the church with it.

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