Decoding Dakar

Decoding Dakar

It was in the month of February 2015 that I was given a hint that I might be given an opportunity to travel to Dakar, Senegal. It seems that my luck always favours me when it comes to travelling the African Continent. Previously I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Kenya which is Eastern Africa and now I am getting an opportunity to visit Western Africa. By early March it was more or less confirmed that the trip was on and I need to start preparing for the great escapade.

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The Pink Lake of Africa

The Pink Lake of Africa

Pink Lake - Lac Rose - Lake Retba
Pink Lake – Lac Rose – Lake Retba

One of the places that I wanted to surely visit when I got the opportunity to visit Senegal was Lake Retba or Lac Rose which literary means “Pink Lake”. I really could not imagine that a lake would be pink and checked on Google search that indeed it was pink. I had a real tight schedule and the only time I got to go around the city was during the lunch breaks. I usually had a real heavy breakfast and skipped the lunch in order to utilize the time for some local sightseeing. Continue reading “The Pink Lake of Africa”