Revisiting Italia 90 World Cup

Revisiting Italia 90 (9)

The phone rings quite late in the night and my father picks up the call. After a brief exchange, he calls me to receive the call as it was my friend from school on the line. β€œRemember to bring Maradona tomorrow I have your Frank Rijkaard,” said the voice on the phone. I was overjoyed finally my set gets completed. In case you are wondering what I am talking about then it’s nothing but Football Card that we are planning to exchange over the phone.

It was the year 1990 and the FIFA World Cup was about to start in Italy and all my classmates were busy collecting football cards which one would get after buying a bubble gum which was rightly named World Cup Bubble Gum. Things became such crazy that shops started running out of World Cup Bubble Gums and the ones that still did were not getting sold as the shops did not have any new football cards with them.

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My Grandmothers Garden

My Grandmothers Garden (1)

Gardening as a hobby started quite late in my life, even though I grew up in a place where there was always a small garden in front of our house I was not much interested in flowers and colorful leaves. It was however not the same for my grandmother, her way of gardening was quite rough when she wished she would plant something and on a whim, she would trim down something if not completely chopping it off.

Our garden had a small play area in the middle with a guava tree, my father had built me a swing on this tree and I would spend my summer vacations swinging all day and come monsoon I would have a delicious guava in my hand. During the summer vacations even with the sun touching the 40’s I would set up a small tent in between and play pretending to be a traveller going across the world in my open hood jeep and setting up my tent to rest for the night.

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