Haranath Lodge And Subhas Chandra Bose

It was October 2019 and after a brief spell of rain on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to take my bike for a test long ride after a recent servicing. Not finding anything within the one-hour driving range I decided to check out Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary, which is quite famous for bird photography. I … Continue reading Haranath Lodge And Subhas Chandra Bose

Pahala Odisha Rasagola, Rosogolla and Rasgulla

I have been trying to cut my sugar intake for the last three months and to an extent, I have been successful. I was getting flabbier by the day and had to put a big full stop to this binge sweet consumption. Not going into the good and bad side of excessive sweet consumption in … Continue reading Pahala Odisha Rasagola, Rosogolla and Rasgulla

Sisupalgarh – The Forgotten City

We have to visit Sisupalgarh I told myself as I think I make my 50th trip to the city of Bhubaneswar. Being quite close to Kolkata and which also happens to be one of my workplaces it’s not uncommon for me to keep visiting this city both for work as well as for pleasure. For … Continue reading Sisupalgarh – The Forgotten City

Durga Pujo in Yangon Myanmar

Last year around this time, I was traveling on an audacious road trip from India to Myanmar. The idea was to avail any mode of transportation except flight thus it involved train, car, taxi, horse carriages, boats, electric scooters, bus and a lot of walking. Since the journey also coincided with Durga Pujo thus was … Continue reading Durga Pujo in Yangon Myanmar

Malhar Temples – Bilaspur

It was our last day in Bilaspur and being a travel and heritage blogger I had to complete one final task that is to visit Malhar. It’s pretty close to Bilaspur and I knew that with a dedicated car for the travel bloggers we just might be able to cover end to end of the … Continue reading Malhar Temples – Bilaspur

MahaNakhon Building Observation Deck & Skywalk

It’s good to watch people freak out with heights I mean to see the reaction on the face of a person who genuinely has a fear of height but it’s another thing to put yourself in that position and see how funny it is. The highest building that I have ever been to was that … Continue reading MahaNakhon Building Observation Deck & Skywalk