Zero Point – North Sikkim

Lachung Zero Point (1)

This is the last leg of our journey during our tour of North Sikkim, we have already covered Lachen, Gurudongmar Lake & Lachung. Out last stop was at Yumthang Valley and then finally at Zero Point. From Lachung there is also another option that of Katao but it’s not a common tourist trail and would require a separate military permit as it’s a high altitude training camp and not always open to tourists. We were informed by the hotel staff that in order to visit all these places we had to start early and breakfast will be packed so that we can have them on the way. Hotels insist on taking snow boots since most time of the year Zero Point is covered in snow and unprotected footwear should be avoided. However, I would suggest that you go to Zero Point and hire them there since it would be much cheaper out there.

We were ready by 6 AM in the morning and with food packets ready we set out towards Yumthang Valley first. All our travel documents were already checked at the check post after which only you are allowed to proceed. For breakfast it was just some cold slices of bread with a thin layer of jam thus would suggest making your own arrangements instead of banking on the hotel menu.

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