Drilling all the way

My two Chinese made drill were of no use. The first one lasted for a little more than a year and the second one just for three months.


Taking in mind the amount of housework that I do I really needed a drill by my side. So I finally decided to take the big step and buy a branded drill machine. The usual name that comes to mind is Bosch, Wolf, Hitachi and Black and Decker.

I had to find out the price of them and to do so I went to Chandni Market in Kolkata to compare the price any of course to buy one in budget.

Hitach Rs. 2000, Bosch Rs. 2100, Black and Decker Rs. 1200. the choice was abvious it had to be cheap Chinese one as I could not afford these..

I went on enquiring to all different shops and one shops requires a special mention. It so happened that I went to this shop and went on and on enquiring different Chinese made as well as branded, this is what I do just to see whether all their products match up to the market price. After sometime the shop owner angrily commented, “if you really want a Black and Decker why do you enquire about cheap Chinese ones… Do you at all want to buy or just wasting my time” My blood shot up and I just walked to the next shop in view of the Shop Owner and purchased a Black and Decker Drill and gave a sly smile to the previous shop owner.

The lesson that you learn… Never underestimate a buyer by what he asks. Offer him the best and he will buy the best.

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