The Story of White and Pink balloons

I must tell this story to you people. Last Sunday (12 July 08) afternoon my wife and I were sitting on the window and chatting. The weather was bit cloudy and was accompanied with light showers from time to time. Last night there was a party at the terrace in the apartment in front of our house; the terrace was decorated with large pink and white balloons. As the decorations were being dismantled the sudden gust of wind blew away hundreds of balloons in to the air. It almost looked like as if it was the start of the Beijing Olympics. I ran out of my house and started catching some of the flying balloons. My wife joined me and we enjoyed being a small child for some time. A big bunch of balloon got stuck on the Veranda next to our house which had no direct access but had be climbed from my window. I was confident that i would be able to grab them. Little did I realize that I am not a child any more and all my flexibility is lost. Aaah I was stuck on a veranda, somehow my wife managed to pull be back in. It was a real fun; sometimes we need to be a child to enjoy the very small things in life.

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