Time to tune the Strings


Last Saturday 28th March my dream came true. No I did not win a Million $ Lottery but I managed to buy myself an Electric Guitar. It is a Givson Blue Diamond 6 String Solid body (S-S-H). Honestly I am no Carlos Santana so I tried all the tricks in the books to play it like an expert, but I managed to play it decently more like a novice. I am sure in coming months I would be able to play it much better. I already had a pair of huge Speakers so did not buy any Sound Boxes, just connected to the amplifier and its plays decently. I am really excited now and hope to keep this excitement alive for a longer time. By the way don’t get fooled by Givson its is indeed V and not B. This is the Indian version. And I paid Indian Rupees 3,600 (Aprox 67 US $).
Also along with the electric guitar I got ZOOM G1 Guitar Effect Processor. It has more effects in its banks that what is actually required at this level. Managed to get some free patches online and re programmed some of them. It also has an inbuilt Guitar Tuner which is really helpful. The Drum Machine is really a bonus, it really gets you into the groove. I paid Indian Rupees 4,450 (Approx 83 US $).

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