A Different Christmas Treat

A Different Christmas Treat

The first word that comes to our mind when we hear the word “Christmas” is Christmas Cakes. Most people think that Christmas has everything to do with Cakes but in reality it’s much more than only cake. Most of these items are homemade thus the taste and quality is unparalleled. In this blog I am going to list of some additional Christmas specialities, some of the items are more specific to Eastern India thus may not be the same for rest of the country.



These are sugary treats which are colourful and comes in different shapes and size. The ones that you get in Kolkata are sometimes wrapped around walnut or almonds.

Christmas Arsa

Sugar Arsa
Sugar Arsa
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Jaggery Arsa

This snack is more prominent in the villages of eastern India, made with rice flour, coconut, fennel seeds etc.  these come in two varieties, one made with white sugar and the other made with jaggery. The mixed concussion is deep fried in oil and served to the guests. My introduction to these came from my in law’s place.

Christmas Special Salted Beef

Salted Beef
Salted Beef

These are corned beef which have been salt cured for weeks before Christmas. The meat chuck is dipped in rock salt and slowly the meat releases water and these water are drained and fresh salt is added. At the end of the process the beef chuck becomes rock solid and develops a dark dry texture. Once done just make thin slices and have it with fresh baked bread and cheese. The taste is unforgettable and never leaves your mind.

Entally Pork Sausages

Pork Sausages
Pork Sausages

I am sure you are wondering what on earth is Entally Pork Sausage, well these are very Indian style pork sausages that you get in Entally market (Kolkata) and trust me there are some other shops in different location which claim to make something similar but trust me it’s not an Entally Pork Sausage if it’s not made in Entally Market. The best ones are the one that you make to order by first buying the meat and fat separately then mincing them and adding spices as per your preferred combination. The basic ingredients are onion, garam masala, mint leaves, chopped green chillies etc.

The mix is then fed into pig intestine and tied up in intervals to create the distinct shape. Then are just needs to be heated in a pan with water and left to simmer. The oil from the fat will get released and cook in its own oil. Be sure to prick the sausages with a needle so that they don’t burst when heated.

Have them with hot white rice or bread and you will definitely fall in love with this forever.

 Rosette – Rose Cookies

A Different Christmas Treat (2)

Some call them Rose Cookie and some call them Rose Cake, these are actually Rosettes. Prepared by heating an iron rosette in hot oil and then in turn dipping the same iron in the batter for few seconds and then dipping it back in the hot oil. This ensures that the cookie is well cooked inside out and once back in hot oil it detaches itself from the iron rosette design pattern. Some sprinkle sugar dust on the Rosette to give an additional sugary taste. In India coconut milk is added to the batter to have its own distinct taste.

Kal Kal

Kal Kal
Kal Kal

These are again traditional Christmas snacks, made with egg, sugar and finely-ground wheat flour. The dough is then pressed against metal forks to create a typical patterns.

Sugar Candies

A Different Christmas Treat (4)
Candy Sticks
Assorted Sugar Candies
Assorted Sugar Candies

These hard boiled sugar candies are usually bought from the market but some do prepare them at home also. Made just with sugar, food colour and other flavouring agents these are a big attraction for the kids and they love to keep chewing one after the other.


A Different Christmas Treat (6)
Choco Chip Muffin
A Different Christmas Treat (7)
Carrot Muffins with Cream Toppings

If you get tired with rich fruit cake, then these light muffins are a real deal. The flavours and toppings can vary year to year but the typical ones are strawberry, orange, vanilla, chocolate and mixed fruit.

Assorted Chocolates

Assorted Chocolates
Assorted Chocolates

Most of these are prepared with dark chocolate thus if you like the sweeter version of chocolates then these are not for you. Each one simply melts in your mouth and one is never enough.


A Different Christmas Treat (9)

One does not associate these with Christmas snacks but these are always provided as a taste changer since most of the above items are sweet and one needs to pop in some salty items to change the taste bud for the next sweet attack.


Photo Courtesy: Rosettes = Jonathunder, Candy = Stephen Nakatani & Supreme Deliciousness, Muffin = Nikola & Mindmatrix, Chocolates = Pixabay, Nimki = Assorted Chocolates, Sausages = David Monniaux, Mazipan = Prillen, Corned Beef = syvwlch

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  1. Entally sausages are a gift from heaven.It’s been a long long time since I have had one but for now memories are all I have.Not available in Perth.W.A.

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