Searching Shimla

Searching Shimla (15)

It’s that moment in your life when you are about to solve a jigsaw puzzle and realize that the last piece is missing. Exactly the same happened to me when I was writing a blog about a heritage structure in Kolkata with a very important connection to Shimla. That one key piece of information is so critical that my months of hard work would just go in vain. With no immediate plans of visiting Shimla, I put the thought of finishing the blog in the back burner.

One of my friend who happens to be one of my blog fans was travelling to Shimla and he knew my intention thus his trip to Shimla was like a fresh piece of bone to a dog. Immediately I listed down the places that he needs to visit for me while he would be vacationing in Shimla with his family. This was the only opportunity that I had if I had to complete the unfinished blog I would need these photographs.

The set of activity included visiting a cemetery and photographing a particular tomb. I was very happy that finally my blog was getting completed but what I failed to realise that Shimla has quite a few Christian cemeteries and it’s not possible for my friend to visit all of them while vacationing with his family and locate that one particular mysterious grave. This reminded me of the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly when the three central characters visit a huge graveyard to locate a particular grave which had the hidden treasure.

As usual, I got a message from my friend that it will be next to impossible for him to locate the exact tomb unless I give him a detailed location. With no other option left I drop the idea of him searching for the site instead I ask him to gather all the necessary information since I had finally decided that I would myself visit Shimla.

Shimla is a hill station which I have not visited earlier and being the traveller that I am I have actually not covered the northern hill states. So my planned trip would cover locating that mysterious grave as well as a good vacation. My friend was kind enough to send me all the lovely photographs from his vacation. Starting with a toy train ride to the hill station which is a must and since I will be travelling with my family which includes our seven-year-old daughter thus this toy train ride surely would be very memorial especially when the train passes through the numerous tunnels. I am sure the sudden darkness will spook her.

Toy Train to Shimla
Toy Train to Shimla
Searching Shimla (2)
The Famous Haunted Barog Tunnel En Route towards Shimla
Searching Shimla (3)
Hills around Shimla – Forever Majestic
Hotels and Residence Dotted Around the Hill Side
Hotels and Residence Dotted Around the Hill Side
Searching Shimla (5)
Clouds and Hills Are a Perfect Combination for That Perfect Shot
Searching Shimla (6)
Hills Dotted With Various Colourful Flowers

Not to mention that my daughter is also a Ranbir Kapoor fan thus travelling to a location where the film actor had shot for one of his movies would surely be a brownie for her. That lovely view of Christ Church and if it happens to snow when we visit it would be a blessing in disguise.

Searching Shimla (10)
Christ Church – Shimla

Similar to Darjeeling, Shimla was basically a place where the British would use as a perfect hill station getaway thus many of the building are heritage in nature something that I would love to explore. There are many walking tours that take place around the town and I am sure going to take at least one of them.

Searching Shimla (8)
Shimla Town
State Library – Shimla
State Library – Shimla
Searching Shimla (11)
Around State Library – Shimla
Searching Shimla (7)
Jakhoo Temple – Shimla

There are many options when it comes to choosing hotels in Shimla, I always book my hotels in advance online, this way I am assured of a place to stay and need to go around the town searching for a room along with luggage. Before booking, I would always look for its location and of course reviews from other travellers. Though there is an airport in Shimla but due to limited connectivity, it’s better to check for flights to Chandigarh and then take a cab or Toy Train.

Searching Shimla (12)
Shimla Golf Course
Searching Shimla (13)
Small Pathways around the Hills

As I write I feel really excited planning for this trip as I would definitely like to finish that one missing puzzle on my blog. Also not to forget the wonderful food especially the old bakeries churning our lovely cakes and chocolates. I guess I need to now plan this trip fast as I cannot hold my excitement any longer.

Searching Shimla (14)
Shimla – I Am Coming Soon

All Photographs Copyrighted To Avishek Dutta

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  1. I have temporarily unsubscribed …since i am undergoing chemo for cancer. Thank you .

    On 31 Oct 2017 20:47, “Subhadip Mukherjee ~ The Indian Vagabond” wrote:

    > Subhadip Mukherjee posted: ” It’s that moment in your life when you are > about to solve a jigsaw puzzle and realize that the last piece is missing. > Exactly the same happened to me when I was writing a blog about a heritage > structure in Kolkata with a very important connection to Shi” >


  2. shimla is like best place to travel in India a beautiful hill station one of the thing is toy train traveling from kalka to shimla in 90Km journey u never get bore its an amazing seighviews. After wards book a beautiful hotel/resort for more convenience and with a beautiful 360 degree view its going to be an amazing trip. Great article the pictures you share is amazing keep sharing.


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