Tribal Food of Chota Nagpur

Tribal Food of Chota Nagpur

I have asked many Chinese friends whether the Chinese that we eat is actually Chinese. Many of them have smiled and replied that it’s not that real Chinese-Chinese.  Similarly, when it comes to Tribal Food there are a lot of misconception. Most think that the tribal food is dominated by pork or other meat items. It’s actually not, on the contrary, the majority of the tribal population especially in the central and eastern part of India consume more of vegetables, rice, and pulses.

So this blog is dedicated to my wife who after marriage always thought that we Bengalis have extremely spiced up food with lots of masalas and oil. Last year when I went to meet my grandmother in law my wife ensured that I get the taste of real Tribal Chota Nagpuri food.

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Toru Dutt – Biography

Finding Toru Dutt

Much before the thought of women’s empowerment ever came to the mind of mankind a young girl took the lead through literature and this is not in the twenty-first century but way back in the 19th century. This little girl who most of us have never heard of nor has most ever read any of her works is none other than Toru Dutt. In her short-lived life she achieved what most writers and poets ever dream off, going beyond her native language that is Bengali she managed to achieve this feat in English and in French.

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