A Tryst with Ray’s Palamu

A Tryst with Rays Palamu (1)

My first taste of Satyajit Ray’s cinema started at the age of ten when we used to stay in Bangalore. Those were the days of VHS video cassettes and my father showed us the Apu Trilogy. Honestly speaking then I never did really understand the exact meaning of a Ray Classic. In fact, then Satyajit Ray was still alive and yet to receive the Oscar for his lifetime contribution.

It was 23rd of April 1992 we were celebrating my sister’s birthday in Bangalore, this day also happened to be our last day in Bangalore as my father had decided to move back to Kolkata. There were many guests in the party and after every one had left my father turned on the television to watch the news at nine on Doordarshan. It was then we came to know that Satyajit Ray was no more.

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Betla – One Night at the Forest

Betla – One Night at the Forest

Chapter One – 1986

Since I was quite small and cannot recollect all thus the key information have been provided by my parents.

The year 1986, the place Betla, my father in those days used to go around different places across Easter India in a Mahindra Willys Jeep with the canvas covering. All of a sudden my father and a group of close friends of planned to visit Betla forest driving all the way from Kolkata.

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Palamu Fort – A Close Encounter with a Tiger

Palamu Fort - A Close Encounter with a Tiger

Some parts of this blog was already mentioned in my earlier blog about my Betla – Netarhat trip but I have decided to write a separate blog about Palamu or Betla forts since its importance is often not recognized in the history of that particular region. But the main reason for me to write this blog separately would be to tell you a fascinating story of our encounter with a tiger. Do read the whole blog then you would actually feel wehat we felt exactly.

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Land of the Red

In the beginning
It is becoming somewhat of a tradition to go on photography tour during Holi vacation. Last year it was Khajuraho and we desperately wanted to go somewhere this year also. We had shortlisted Betla – Netarhat circuit or Murshidabad – Baharampur. Our first preference was always Betla – Netarhat but in the back of our mind we were aware that the biggest challenge we might face during Holi vacation will be that of hotel booking. Specially in Betla and Netarhat the best lodging facility was only with Jharkhand Tourism hotels and booking them was a bit difficult than that any other generic hotel.

 The only hitch in my plan was the cost factor, it would be bit expensive for two person to travel to Betla – Netarhat since almost all part of the journey would have to be done by a private car since no organized local transports were available.

In the meantime a colleague of mine Sudipto also showed interest in joining along with us for Betla – Netarhat trip. This was good considering the overall cost per person would be much less as all generic expense would be divided amongst three. I met Sudipto and Amitabha at a book shop to get well acquainted and finalize the plan. Together we decided to go to Betla – Netarhat and squeeze in Maromar on the way. We would hire a car from Ranchi to take us to all our destinations. We would depart on 4th of March Wednesday and return on 9th of March, it would be a three nights and four days trip.

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