Unforgettable Train Journeys

Let me confess beforehand that this blog is inspired by a blog by another fellow blogger Amitabha who is a good friend of mine and a mentor to me when it comes to blogging. Some time back he had written a blog about Unforgettable Train Journeys and from that very moment I started recollecting the … Continue reading Unforgettable Train Journeys


Once Upon a Varanasi Valentine’s Day

What I am going to narrate to you all is till now known to only two people, so after you finish reading this would be known to you also. This actually would make you in the privilege club of few to have known the secret which is nearly twelve years old. In was in the … Continue reading Once Upon a Varanasi Valentine’s Day

Varanasi Vagabonds – A trip report on Varanasi

It was a Saturday 5th of October me and my colleague Prosanto was discussing about our photography as a hobby. Durga Puja vacations are long in Bengal often lasting 5 – 6 day thus we were contemplating if we could make an impromptu plan to go for a short photography trip somewhere near. Fortunately for us … Continue reading Varanasi Vagabonds – A trip report on Varanasi