Graffiti Wall Lane of Kolkata

Graffiti Wall Lane of KolkataGraffiti Wall Lane of Kolkata

Normally we associate Graffiti Artist with cities like New York, Paris, London etc. but here in Kolkata there seems be a new genre of graffiti artists who have taken the burden to cover the dark moss laden walls with colourful motifs. Walls here in Kolkata are usually used to graffiti’s of political parties, most of them are just political slogans or just an open canvas to slug on the opponent. Occasionally however there are some clever comic relief which again is more of a political satire. These were more prominent during the 80’s and 90’s and one of them that is still edged in my mind was a political cartoon about Fodder Scam where a cow’s head was replaced by the head of one of the accused politician and depicted him chewing on bags of money intelligently like fodder for the bovine.

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