Bhoo Kattaa

This morning i was kinda feeling sick. Due to my fracture in right foot toe my whole body weight was getting too much for the left foot. Last night it was paining terribly and started swelling. Morning felt bit feverish so i decided to skip office for a change. My niece, nephew and my sis is also suffering for weather change and down with fever. Morning i woke up late and the first thing that i did was to climb to the terrace and looked up in the sky. Todays its Vishwakarma Puja and traditionally in Kolkata people fly kites.

I very well remember that even 10 – 15 years back i could see the morning sky filled with kites. Unfortunately the Promoter Culture ripped apart a basic thing required for this sport that is open sky. My house today is sorrounded 3 side by multi storied buildings making it almost impossible to fly kites. For past few years i had to go to my cousins house to fly kites. It has been a tradition with me to skip what ever work that i have and fly kites on 17th of Sepetember every year.

During noon i was discussing the same with my father and even he was noticing the change. Actually flyimg kites is much more that a sport, its like you are spending money buying Kites, Manjaah & Momtana Shutoo and enjoying cuuting other kites and seeing your own kite get cut while strage people run behing those cut kites to catch them.

I decided that this had to change. It was more like a sense of defiance. I took my bike (with my broken toe) and went to Jarrah’s Kite shop in Sham Shul Huda Road. This is the same guy from where my father used to buy kites. I bought Manjaah (500 Meters) for 100 Rupees and 10 Kites for 20 Rupees.

I started flying in the afternoon sun and yes i did manage to cut one. Bhooooooo Kattaaaa the sound from my terrace woke most of my neighbours attention. By evening suprisingly some of my neighbours were seen on the terrace flying kites. This really tured out to be a good Vishwakarkma Puja after many years.

The final count: I have cut 5 Kites, I have lost 5 Kites, 2 Kites got stuck in the appartment in front, 2 got wet from a afternoon drizzle & 1 kite still left. Any one wana dare with me????? I stilll have one left. See you next year till then Bhoooooooo Kattaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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