Tintorettor Jishu

Last night i watched Tintorettor Jishu, i had missed is when it had come to the movie hall. Got myself the DVD and simply loved it. I think Director Sandip Roy has really worked hard on this film. This is definitely much better than Kailasher Kelenkar & Bombayer Bombaytey. The climax was done perfetly. Jatayu was over the top and i think he should be chucked. Digital Filiming, Dolby Digital Sorround, locations like Hong Kong simply wonderful. Bengali cinema has really come of age. Waitimg for 2010 when the next Feluda will come. Sandip Ray i am waiting. Accoriding to the director the next one may be Jotokando Kathmundu.

It was bit funny to see the chage in technology that is seen in this film. Tintorettor Jishu took nearly 3 years to complete due to budget problem and some issue with the producer regarding shooting in Hong Kong. What you notice carefully is that the Mobile Handsets used by the charecters in the begning of the film are really old Nokia handsets which no longer exists in the market. When the location switches to Hong Kong suddenly you see swanky handsets being used as this portion was shot later. Anyways better late than never.

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