Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival (1)

For a moment if you close your eyes and just listen to the story then it would just seem to like a Bollywood movie plot. A poet and an accomplished statesman who was once close to the king and considered as one of his favorites being banished from the kingdom. The kingdom suffers a loss in the hand of its enemies, unable to take the burden of exile and the defeat of his kingdom the poet commits suicide by jumping into a river.

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Instagram Kolkata Instameet 5

Instagram Kolkata Instameet (1)

It was the second Instameet conducted Calcutta Instagrammers that I was attending on a dull grey March morning. The date was 6th of March 2016 and nearly six months back I had participated in my first Instameet. Things were quite different this time, unlike the first meet, this time, there were quite a few known faces and more than that there were many friends who I had acquired from the last Instameet.

This walk was organised on behalf of Turtle by Calcutta Instagrammers team and the theme for the day was “Graffiti” or you can say street art. The start point was Indian Museum and from there we will move to New Market and Sudder Street area which is slowly becoming a graffiti hub in this city.

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Reversing Wardrobe Malfunction

Reversing Wardrobe Malfunction (1)

I had finally decided to completely change my wardrobe this summer. Somehow I was not linking the ready-made shirts and pants that were stacked in my wardrobe all these years. Hearing the word shopping my wife also could not resist herself from joining me. We decided to try out South City Mall since honestly speaking I had never shopped here even though it’s quite near to my house. Somehow I never felt comfortable in big malls as I often felt that the basic human interaction of the store employees was restricted to a Standard Operating Procedure and often fail to understand the fashion choice of an individual.

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Tittle-Tattle On a Sunday Afternoon

Tittle-Tattle On a Sunday Afternoon

Subhadip, this is Roy”, the conversation started like this on 6th of February 2016. This was when RJ Roy called me to confirm the availability of Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata for the International Mother Language Day commemoration. A quick call back and forth and the venue gets finalized, within a couple of hours Social Bong joins as the social media partner and Anon Productions joins as the videography partner. It was just like a jigsaw puzzle fitting in its place automatically.

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Blogadda Comes To Kolkata


Rome was not built in a day, similarly the BlogAdda.com Bloggers Meet at Oxford Bookstore Kolkata on 13th February, 2016 was also not planned in a day. It was actually conceived weeks back when I received a call from Sammya Brata about Harish visiting Kolkata on the way to attend another programme at Tata Nagar.

It was both formal as well as an informal meet wherein Blog Adda team would for the first time meet a group of selected 30 bloggers from Kolkata. This was also a wonderful opportunity for bloggers like me to finally see some of the team members of Blog Adda and to know about their activity in a detailed way.

Since Harish and his team would be using Kolkata as a transit point thus the window of opportunity was very limited, we had to have this on 13th and what better than Oxford Bookstore Kolkataas the perfect venue for this meet!. Being centrally located this place is more like a landmark in the city and easy for anyone to commute. But to get this place I need to book it first, a quick call confirmed the availability and the booking was done. To my surprise even the Oxford Bookstore team were quite enthusiastic about it as it has been a policy for them to encourage blogging.

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Road Trip for a Cause

Road Trip for a Cause (1)

I have been a part of book industry for over a decade and have seen both highs and lows. With the advent of Internet and Satellite Television there has been a steady downfall in the reading habits in young children. A visible change I can already see in my daughter who is more hooked to Television, Internet and now Smart Phones.

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