Panchu Pandav Caves -Bhubaneswar

Being born in the 80s has its advantage. We have seen the transformation of black & white television to OTT streaming services on your mobile. Others have also witnessed this change but for us, it was a transition that we saw from childhood to adulthood. The one thing that made every child crazy was mega … Continue reading Panchu Pandav Caves -Bhubaneswar

Dhauli Hill

Dhauli is the very first place that I remember visiting as a tourist along with my parents way back in 1994. I did visit Puri the Miami for all Bengali’s before that when I was very young but I do not remember those trips. If I remember it correctly my sister did not travel with … Continue reading Dhauli Hill

Pushpagiri Vihara – Langudi Hill

Hiuen Tsang (Xuanzang) a name that has fuelled my imaginations for decades. I first read about him when I was in class 4 and the image that I vividly remember was a Chinese bald man with a rucksack made out of a stick on his back. He walked to India from China just to learn … Continue reading Pushpagiri Vihara – Langudi Hill

Khandagiri Caves – Bhubaneswar

Continuing with my Udayagiri and Khandagiri trail this blog is the second part and this blog takes you around the caves of Khandagiri. If you want to know more about Udayagiri then please refer to my previous blog. Khandagiri is the twin hill located right next to Udayagiri. Unlike Udayagiri which requires a ticket to … Continue reading Khandagiri Caves – Bhubaneswar

Udayagiri Caves – Bhubaneswar

The name Udayagiri is very confusing, if you Google it then you will get many different results from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc. The confusion arises due to the name which is a confluence of two words “Udaya” (morning) and “Giri” (peak) which translates to Morning Peak or the hill on which the first … Continue reading Udayagiri Caves – Bhubaneswar

Rajbari Bawali Heritage & Luxury

In my previous blog, I have taken you across a small village in Bengal called Bawali which has a couple of old terracotta temples built by the Zamindar of the village. Apart from these temples, there is another heritage structure that needs a dedicated blog post. The main reason as to why these terracotta temples … Continue reading Rajbari Bawali Heritage & Luxury

Temples of Bawali

During one of my trips to Achipur, I made a quick detour and visited a small village called Bawali. I have been told about this village by one of the guys working in our office pantry. He knew that I often venture out on weekends and I have a special interest in old and heritage … Continue reading Temples of Bawali