Food Blogging Workshop

Food Blogging Workshop

I am not a dedicated food blogger and my primary focus is on travel blogging and when you are an avid traveller and blogger it is bound that you start writing about the local cuisine also. Thus you can say that food blogging has become a part of my blogging adventure.

I have never been to any food blogging workshop and all my knowledge about food blogging was completely based on friendly advice from fellow food bloggers. When Zomato and Social Bong was conducting a special Food Blogging Workshop and I was specially invited to join the workshop as a guest it was something that I still find myself privileged.

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Tittle-Tattle On a Sunday Afternoon

Tittle-Tattle On a Sunday Afternoon

β€œSubhadip, this is Roy”, the conversation started like this on 6th of February 2016. This was when RJ Roy called me to confirm the availability of Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata for the International Mother Language Day commemoration. A quick call back and forth and the venue gets finalized, within a couple of hours Social Bong joins as the social media partner and Anon Productions joins as the videography partner. It was just like a jigsaw puzzle fitting in its place automatically.

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